New Information On Ramsey Murder

Date = Jan 16, 1998.

7NEWS Reporter Julie Hayden

New clues that could answer the key question.

Was Jonbenet killed by an intruder or someone who was already inside her home? The question of an intruder goes to the heart of the investigation and sources say when you add it all up, the new information doesn't point to an intruder.

Her parents say Jonbenet was tucked in her bed by ten o'clock Christmas night. Police have played out several scenarios trying to figure out how the killer got her from the second floor room to the cement room in the basement where the body was found. There is a spiral staircase just off from Jonbenet's bedroom, the railing was decorated with Christmas garland.

And here's new information: sources say it's possible green fibers in her hair could have come from the garland.

And it's possible the killer carried Jonbenet from the bedroom down the spiral stairs, through the kitchen or a parallel hall and down into the basement.

Sources say the the cops' big question is, does it make sense that an intruder would wander around a big, unfamiliar house like that without being heard?

Other evidence in the case raises more questions.

We told you before a broken paint brush and shards police found in the Ramsey house match the stick used in the garrote around Jonbenet's neck. What's new is sources tell us Patsy Ramsey kept her art supplies in the basement. And we're also told now that it's possible the actual murder occured in a basement room but not the one where the body was discovered. Police have focused on the basement

We also told you before the ransom note and practice note came from a legal pad found inside the Ramsey house and there's reason to believe the pen used to write the notes came from the house, too. We told you before investigators took samples of cord and tape from the house.

And here's the new information: Sources say the tape and cord samples from the house are similar to the tape and cord used in the murder.

Sources also tell us it's the color of the duct tape that's significant in this case because it's not the commonly used silver tape.

Police did not find the specific matching rolls of cord and tape and sources say sometimes what you don't find is as suspicious as what you do find.

In this case, if an intruder used so many things from the house why would he bother to take the rolls but leave everything else? We also have new information on the bludgeon used against the little girl.

Sources indicate they're zeroing in on a flashlight from the house and add tests on it are inconclusive meaning, unlike other heavy objects, it isn't ruled out.

Ramsey friend and Attorney Mike Bynum showed ABC's "Prime Time Live" one way the Ramseys theorize an intruder could have gotten into the house. We've told you about the window before.

But in the Prime Time story a suitcase was put under the window, implying an intruder could have climbed in on it. More new information on that:

Sources tell 7NEWS they did not find anything on or in the suitcase to indicate an intruder. Other new information:

Police took liquid from a toilet in the basement. The body had been wiped off and they were looking for evidence the killer might have tried to flush away.

We don't know exactly what they found but sources do say they did not find anything to indicate an intruder was there.

Ramsey Attorneys earlier sent photos of a door they suggest had pry marks. As we told you before police warrants note those marks but conclude there were no signs of forced entry.

Finally, new information about a critical piece of evidence, a pubic hair found on one of Jonbenet's blankets. Sources tell us they don't know exactly who it came from but they say what they do know about it does not support the intruder theory.

Bottom line: sources say there is no one piece of evidence that will lead them to whoever killed Jonbenet but all of the evidence together that will help them catch the killer.

Obviously there are things we still don't know about this case. But sources say detectives have a good idea of what happened to Jonbenet that night and are confident the case will be solved.

Handwriting samples rule out John Ramsey and 10 year-old Burke as writing the ransom note. The only other person in the home was Patsy Ramsey.