City Of Boulder, Colorado
City Council Office
Municipal Building
Post Office Box 791
Boulder, Colorado 80306

September 8, 1998

Fleet Russel White, Jr.
Priscilla Brown White

Dear Mr. And Mrs. White:

In response to your letters of August 29, and September 3, 1998, the Boulder City Council has asked that I assure you of its ongoing concern about the JonBenet Ramsey investigation and hopes for a breakthrough in the grand jury proceedings recently announced by Governor Romer. As you know, the City's recent focus has been on the use of the grand jury as a way of completing the investigation, rather than on your request for a special prosecutor. The City Police Department made the request for the grand jury and has been working with the District Attorney's office in preparing for the grand jury. Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner has confirmed recently that the Boulder Police have confidence in Micheal Kane, who is the Assistant District Attorney now leading the prosecution team. The Detectives have been working very closely with the District Attorney's Office in preparation for the grand jury. Because Governor Romer, after consulting with three other District Attorneys familiar with the evidence, recently decided for a second time not to call for a special prosecutor. The City Council does not believe that it is appropriate for it to request a special prosecutor at this time. Rather, the City's role at this point is to cooperate to make the upcoming grand jury proceedings as successful as possible.

The City Council appreciates your concerns and agrees that the divisiveness that this crime has brought about has been very destructive. However, the Council does not wish to take any action that may compromise the ongoing investigation or the upcoming grand jury proceedings.

Will Toor
Acting Mayor