[Letter furnished to Boulder Daily Camera "letter to editor" on Oct 31, 2000]


Ramsey case taints all in Hunter office

I disagree mightily with the support given over and over again to Mary Keenan. In my opinion, no one that worked under Alex Hunter should have anything to do with justice in Boulder.

The JonBenét Ramsey case is still open. Hunter and his cohorts, especially Bill Wise and Trip DeMuth, aided and abetted him in "not ruining the lives" of the main suspects.

His plea bargains are legend in the law enforcement community, and for some reason, he seems to be excused from all the (in my humble opinion) illegal and questionable activities his office was pursuing in trying to scapegoat everyone in the county except the Ramseys. He dug up dirt on good police officers, and was giving the police files to (Attorney Hal) Haddon and Co. so they could be prepared for any questions that may have been asked of their clients.

Anyone in that office becomes suspect, in that they apparently thought that sort of prosecution worked.

I am sorry for the citizens of Boulder. They all seem to be on some sort of Rocky Mountain High that disables their ability to think and reason re: their system of justice. There was a beautiful baby murdered in her own home at Christmas, 1996. There is no evidence of an intruder, and as former Boulder Police officer Steve Thomas says, 'Patsy, I can look you right in the eye and say you are good for it."

Of course, the status quo is comfortable for the well-heeled of Boulder. The whole country is appalled at Boulder's style. I suppose if you are more worried about barking dogs than a murder, there is a great deal to be appalled about. I'm hoping for a Dave Sanderson victory, and a clean up of the Boulder DAs office.