Ramsey Family Statement

October 13, 1999

After almost three years of intense legal scrutiny, with the aid of a grand jury of honest and responsible citizens, it has been determined that there is simply not sufficient information to indict anyone for the murder of JonBenet. We take no satisfaction in this result because a child killer remains free and undetected.

The Ramsey family lives in a nightmare. There has been no end to the public lynching and speculation which marred this case from the beginning. The public has been misled by a constant stream of attacks and false information from people all too eager for a headline regardless of truth. Those persons who have biased this case by leaking false, incomplete or misleading information are as corrupt as those who report it. The time has come for an accounting of those responsible for this spectacle.

Experienced detectives were removed from this investigation in 1998. It is our request that this investigation be renewed by returning these skilled investigators to authority. This crime cannot be solved by those who close their minds to any lead which is inconsistent with their biases.

We thank our many friends and family members for standing by us during this terrible ordeal. We also extend our thanks to the grand jurors who took so much time out of their own lives to assist the investigation.

There is still much work to be done. We remain committed to finding our daughter's killer. With God's help, we will succeed.