[This 'Letter to the Editor' provided courtesy BoulderNews; date = October 27, 2000]

Letters to the Editor

Sanderson will work effectively with police

As a graduate of the University of Colorado and a former district attorney with 30 years of experience prosecuting violent crimes, I strongly support Dave Sanderson for Boulder County district attorney.

As the mishandling of the Ramsey case demonstrated, the DA's office must have attorneys on staff able to handle the toughest cases. Trial preparation begins when the crime is discovered. Prosecutors must have a strong working relationship with the police to make certain vital and admissible evidence is recovered.

Mary Keenan says she will retain the current staff and she endorses the use of outside prosecutors. Dave Sanderson will bring change by hiring competent and knowledgeable assistants and by working closely with the police.

Mary Keenan is the chief prosecutor in a vicious gang rape. The first scheduled trial imploded because she failed to timely serve mandated DNA disclosure tying the defendant to the crime. This was an inexcusable lapse in a basic prosecutorial responsibility. Under Dave Sanderson the DA's office will be accountable and will aggressively prosecute sexual predators.

Mary Keenan acknowledges accepting a substantial political contribution from a lawyer representing a defendant in a pending sexual assault case. The prosecution is under her control and is being handled by one of her supporters. Acceptance of money under these circumstances demonstrates an astounding lack of good judgment and reflects poorly upon the integrity of her office.

Only Dave Sanderson can bring the badly needed changes to the DA's office that the citizens of this county deserve.