In a letter dated August 17, 1998, we brought to your attention serious matters regarding the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation. The letter has yet to be printed in its entirety by any news publication with the exception of the Colorado Daily in Boulder.

In that letter we raised important issues concerning the investigation which has been characterized by extraordinary delay and confusion. We requested that Colorado Governor Roy Romer order the Colorado Attorney General to remove the Boulder district attorney and his offices from any further involvement in the case. We also requested that the case be reviewed, investigated and prosecuted by persons completely independent of those who have been responsible for bringing the case to its current status. After giving such an order, we requested that Governor Romer then excuse himself from any further involvement due to his close personal and political ties to those involved in the case. As reported in the Colorado press, Governor Romer has publicly denied these requests and indicated that the case will proceed to a grand jury.

At this time we wish to inform you of additional issues regarding the case.

In the course of their investigation last year, Boulder police detectives asked if we knew what could have occasioned several telephone calls made from Lieutenant Governor Gail Schoettler's home telephone to John Ramsey's office in the days immediately following the murder of JonBenet. We told them of our awareness that Gail Schoettler's husband is a long-time acquaintance of John Ramsey. We told detectives that we had no knowledge of the purpose or nature of the telephone calls. At our December 18, 1997, meeting we brought this acquaintanceship to the attention of Governor Romer. We recommended that this relationship be made public at the earliest possible date in order to protect the Lieutenant Governor and to help restore our confidence in the handling of the case. This has not occurred.

We also wish to further inform the people of Colorado regarding the conduct of the Boulder district attorney. We are key witnesses in the Ramsey investigation. As of this date we have had only three contacts with the district attorney. None of these were initiated by the district attorney. The last contact involved a letter sent by us to a prosecutor on June 17, 1998, to which there has been no response.

The people of Colorado must ask and demand answers for the following questions regarding the investigation:

1. Why has there been such a delay in the use of a grand jury in the case and what are the true motives of those advocating its use?

2. Why wasn't our letter of August 17, 1998, printed in its entirety by major Denver and Boulder newspapers? The people of Colorado must read that letter in order to assess the veracity of public official's statements regarding the issues that were raised. Thus far, the few official statements which have been made in response to our letter have been evasive and specious.

3. Why have Boulder police detectives been removed from any further involvement in the case?

4. Why has the Boulder district attorney not cultivated a relationship with key witnesses?

5. Why didn't Governor Romer intervene in the case long ago?

We are solely responsible for the contents of this letter and that of August 17. No one else has assisted or advised us. As citizens of Colorado and Boulder, as parents, and as friends of JonBenet Ramsey, we are simply outraged and heartbroken over what has become of the investigation of her death. It is presently in the hands of people who long ago surpassed the mere appearance of impropriety. It is in the hands of people primarily interested in protecting themselves, a friend, or a client.

Fleet Russell White, Jr. and Priscilla Brown White August 24, 1998, Boulder, CO