[Fleet's Letter to the Editor date = Jun 21, 1998]

Letters to the Editor


'True history' not represented

I n his recent book "Perfect Murder, Perfect Town," Lawrence Schiller reveals facts and evidence concerning the JonBenét Ramsey murder investigation which he only could have received from Boulder law enforcement agencies. He also attempts to chronicle the conflict between the Boulder County District Attorney's office and the Boulder Police Department. The impetus for this book was Schiller's relationship with Boulder County District Attorney Alex Hunter.

We are witnesses in the ongoing Ramsey murder investigation. Schiller made repeated attempts to interview us. He urged us to "contribute to the proper and true history" of the case. We did not talk to him, a fact he does not mention in his book. Not surprisingly, very little in the book regarding our family and our role in the investigation is true. Either Schiller was given false information or the author himself took liberties with the truth. In the book, Schiller thanks Hunter, First Assistant Boulder District Attorney Bill Wise, Boulder County Sheriff George Epp and Adams County District Attorney Bob Grant for their "invaluable contributions." Recognition is also given to Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner for his assistance.

The book does not represent "the true history" of the investigation. It is a disorderly amalgam of police evidence, facts, lies and gossip given to Schiller by a variety of people in order to protect themselves or to justify their behavior over the last two years. These people cannot possibly believe that their contributions to the book would benefit the case or support the grand jury investigation.

"Perfect Murder, Perfect Town" is not without merit. Schiller was successful in making it clear that the Boulder community is incapable of dealing with its problems in an honest and civil manner. He also provides a public service by publishing the names of the vain and foolish people he cynically recruited to assist him in writing the book. Those who spoke to Schiller on condition of anonymity are simply cowards.