January 4, 2001

Boulder County commissioners set District Attorney-elect Mary Keenan's salary at $110,000. The decision set Keenan's salary 7.3 percent higher than Hunter's and will take effect when she takes office next week.

Paul Danish was quoted as saying to Keenan: "And if you prosecute every case as convincingly as you have pleaded your case today, woe unto evildoers".

The salary met Keenan's request for a starting salary but fell short of granting her the annual increases that she asked for. Her salary is to remain frozen for four years.

Keenan sold herself by reminding the county of what she called her strengths, and claiming a "15-hour work day".

Keenan said she could expect to receive $200,000 to $250,000 in the private sector for performing the same types of duties.

Keenan reportedly did a poll of nearby salaries and claimed that Boulder County pays less than the average for the position. Other county's salaries include $126,000 in Larimer, $131,000 in Jefferson, $102,000 in Pueblo, $120,000 in Adams, and $123,000 in Arapahoe-Douglas, she said.

Lin Wood Emails Hoffman, reference Hoffman comments about the Jewell case and Wood's "no shows" in front of a jury.

Copy of Email about Jewell

January 5, 2001

Darnay Hoffman sends an email to Lin Wood ref lawsuit against Steve Thomas.

Copy of Darnay's Email To Lin

Lin Wood responds to Darnay's Email.

Copy of Lin's Email to Darnay

(Special Thanks to Cybersleuths Forum for this email information)

January 9, 2001

Mary Keenan was sworn in this date as the new DA of Boulder County. This ceremony occurred in the county commission chambers in front of a "standing room only" crowd.Keenan took the oath of office from District Court Judge Roxanne Bailin.

Keenan vows to look at the office (of DA) inside-out. She also states that she will not appear in national media with respect to her actions on the Ramsey case.

Keenan reportedly will not move into Hunter's old office, deciding instead to move into his small library, and turning Hunter's office into a conference room.

Keenan reassigned trial Deputy Peter Hofstrom and Assistant District Attorney Phil Miller. Keenan says these are not demotions for these two. She further states her primary reason to be that she wanted to select her own team of advisors and that these two were members of Hunter's administration.

Prosecutors D.D. Mallard and Bill Nagel will fill those two positions while Hofstrom and Miller will continue to prosecute cases.

Keenan said Hofstrom would often offer suspects plea deals before cases had been assigned to a prosecutor. Hofstrom declined to comment on this remark.

Keenan also promoted four attorneys to serve as her advisors:

Maguire leaves his chief deputy position to become second in command as the first assistant district attorney, a position held by Bill Wise for the past 28 years.

Nagel, 50, was named the second assistant district attorney but will continue to handle appellate cases.

Mallard, 49, will organize the case loads for the deputies and will establish the office's new philosophy of taking more cases to trial. She will also set performance review standards.

Delgado, 43, was promoted to chief deputy and will supervise over attorneys. She will continue to prosecute domestic violence cases.

Keenan says her team complements her weaknesses with their various strengths and varying opinions.

Keean, in response to this team, said the following:

Maguire: "the best trial attorney in the District Court";

Nagel: "possesses good judgment and good values";

Mallard: "has very valuable trial skills and is a very well-rounded attorney";

Delgado: "is tenacious and a very organized person who works well with law enforcement".

February 9, 2001

Judge Carnes makes a ruling,and DENIES the Ramsey's motion to dismiss Wolf's lawsuit. That ruling can be found here:

Judge Carnes Ruling

February 12, 2001

U.S. District Judge Julie Carnes has ruled that a $50 million defamation lawsuit by Chris Wolf against the parents of JonBenet Ramsey can proceed.

February 15, 2001

Darnay Hoffman, attorney for Mr Wolf, stated that Mrs Ramsey will have to answer questions and will "not be able to hide".

Mr Hoffman stated that the trial should be ready to go by early July (2001)

Here are some excerpts from the judge's ruling:

The Court concludes that the statements made in defendants' book are reasonably read to impute the crime of murder to plaintiff. Although defendants do not directly state that plaintiff killed JonBenet, they claim that they did not kill their daughter, and name plaintiff as one of the people they suspected may have done so. ...The Court concludes that a jury could reasonably conclude from these statements, taken as a whole, that the Ramseys were imputing the murder of JonBenet to plaintiff....

The next question is whether these statements are capable of being proven false. Defendants claim that they are not because they merely represent their impressions at the time that plaintiff "represented too many unanswered questions." Plaintiff, however, argues that defendants killed JonBenet, and therefore had no basis for their supposed belief that plaintiff had something to do with her death. At this stage of the proceedings, the Court must take all facts in favor of the plaintff. Assuming for the purpose of this order that defendants did know who killed JonBenet, and knew that the murderer was not plaintiff, their statements was not merely opinion, but was indeed a falsity....."

February 16, 2001

Trial dates for Linda Arndt's suit against Koby, Beckner, and the City of Boulder have been set for May 29, 2001 by U.S. District Judge William Downes. A deadline of May 23 for settlement has also been set forth. She is seeking monetary damages.

RECAP: Arndt's suit claims Koby, Beckner and the department made her the scapegoat for mistakes made by police early in the investigation, refused to defend her when the mistakes were revealed and violated her free-speech rights by prohibiting her from defending herself.

Witnesses reportedly are Koby, Beckner, Arndt's therapist, Arndt's doctor, John Eller, Steve Thomas, Larry Mason, and Mason's wife.

February 20, 2001

John Ramsey claims to have interrupted a burglary in process at his home.

A transcript of the 911 call Ramsey made about this burglary can be found here:

911 Call

NOTE: I typed this transcript by listening to the tape of the call on Real Player; one section of the call is garbled for me and I cannot discern what is being said

Purportedly the "intruder" grabbed Ramsey by the throat, locked him in a bathroom, tied the door shut, pulled a grandfather clock over part of the opening, and fled with a computer, Patsy's "KMart jewelry", Ramsey's wallet with money, some clothes, and possibly some guns from some gun vault of Ramsey's. The intruder, per John Ramsey, broke down the basement door to get in.

Ramsey supposedly received an injury of sort to his eye.

This incident supposedly happened at 11AM when Ramsey returned from Home Depot.

Patsy Ramsey was supposedly on her way to lunch with her personal life coach.

Unlike with the murder, the Ramseys were anxious to co-operate with police officials to help find the perpetruator, and were at police HQs looking at perp pictures and helping a sketch artist come up with a composite drawing of the "intruder".

Lin Wood and Darnay Hoffman square off on the Today Show about the Wolf lawsuit. transcript for this show is here:

Transcript of Today Show with Wood and Hoffman

Paula Woodward interviewed John ramsey about the robbery. That transcript can be found here:

Paula Woodward interview with JR

February 21, 2001

Atlanta police Deputy Chief C.B. Jackson said there is no evidence the robber Tuesday knew who the Ramseys were.

Beckner reportedly is going to contact the Atl officials later this week about this incident.

February 22, 2001

Atlanta police release a sketch of who they believe might have been involved in the Ramsey home burglary as well as one in Buckhead.Supposedly, the Buckhead home victim gave a similar description as what Ramsey gave.

Click for Intruder Sketch

In today's report, it is stated that Ramsey's list of what was stolen was: a Compaq laptop computer, a gold ring with a crest, a duffel bag and a gym bag, Ramsey's alligator-skin wallet with about $400 cash, and Visa, American Express and Rich's department store credit cards. Reporedly the thief also moved a number of guns from Ramsey's gun safe into a bag, but left the bag lying next to Ramsey's bed.

The Ramseys reportedly have an extensive security system in their home, including cameras, but had turned it off because their house is under renovation.