January 7, 1998

Gov Romer informs Fleet White that he would not intervene in the case

January 8, 1998

Ali Krupski testifies on her case. She testified that she destroyed Ramsey-related documents she claimed were given to her by a source (at the insistence of this source, she claims, she destroyed them)

January 9, 1998

Judge hale rules that Krupski did not commit theft when she removed her files, documents, and newspaper clippings about the Ramsey murder when she left the newspaper

Judge Hale also said he did not find Krupski surreptitios

Judge Hale ruled that Krupski could keep her documents but that the newspaper must be allowed to make copies of them

January 12, 1998

Gov Romer notifies Fleet White in a letter to officially inform him that he will not intervene to remove Hunter from the case

Bob Grant states that he has seen stun gun injuries before and that they are very obvious. He further states that if such had been noted by the coroner that this would have been followed up by him

January 13, 1998

Hunter states that Schiller's article saying that DNA of an unknown person was found on the body is misleading

Laurion states that the report that Hunter is willing to exhume JonBenét's body is over-stated.

January 14, 1998

Aaholm stated that the story that the flashlight taken into evidence had been lost and recovered was untrue.

January 16, 1998

Parents will not submit to a second interview because investigators won't let the couple's legal team review the evidence in the case

Beckner expresses disappointment in the position the Ramseys take over the request for a new interview.

Fleet White sends letter stating that Gov Romer should remove Hunter from the murder investigation

Fleet White's Letter

With respect to the Whites' letter, Hunter was quoted as saying: "Unfortunately, because of Mr. and Mrs. White's status as witnesses in the case, we are unable to share with them information and insights that might provide them with the reassurance they seek."

Dan Vigil, a CU professor of legal ethics, was quoted as saying [in response to Hunter not filing a case]: "It would be unethical for (Hunter) to file a case if he doesn't have probable cause."

Julie Haydon, Channel 7 News, releases this information about the case:

Channel 7 News Release

January 20, 1998

Judget Bailin dismissed Darnay Hoffman's lawsuit against Hunter, stating his suit was based partly on "innuendo, rumor, opinion and speculation".

February 3, 1998

Koby makes a statement that the letter sent by the Ramsey attorneys basically said "we're not talking to you. Don't bother communicating with us".

Boulder photographer Stephen Miles filed a lawsuit against John Ramsey for slander and libel. His claim is that John Ramsey falsely implicated him in the murder of his JonBenét. The suit also named the tabloid National Enquirer and two of its writers. The suit cited the Oct. 21 and Nov. 11 1997 issues of the Enquirer which claim that Ramsey told police that he believed Miles was JonBenét's killer. The tabloid also reported that Miles is a drug addict and and a sex offender.

February 4, 1998

It is reported that the Ramseys have hired a lawyer to represent Burke

February 5, 1998

A group of investors bought the former Boulder home of John and Patsy Ramsey and pledged to resell it at a later date, donating profits to the JonBenét Ramsey Children's Foundation.

Michael Bynum said the house sold for $650,000 to an investor group named after the Ramsey homes address, 755 15th St., L.L.C.

February 7, 1998

It is reported that Stephen Miles was questioned by police and asked to submit a palm print, along with DNA and handwriting samples, just two days after he filed his suit.

February 13, 1998

Dr Lee meets privately at Denver International Airport with the prosecution task force

It is reported that Dr Lee will take documents and evidence back with him and "try to narrow the focus of the investigation"

Dr Lee estimates that the case has a 50/50 chance of being solved

February 14, 1998

Hunter stated publicly his disappointment that they have not had more cooperation from the Ramseys in helping to get to the truth.

February 19, 1998

Ramsey parents refuse to allow Burke reinterviewed because of the police stipulation that they not be told the contents of the interview

Conditions for the Burke interview are:
The interview be done at a neutral site
The interview be videotaped
The interview be conducted by a police officer as opposed to a child psychologist
The parents not be told the contents of the interview

Press release from Cdr Beckner, that the leak about the interview with Burke Ramsey did not come from the BPD

February 21, 1998

America's Most Wanted devoted a special episode to the Ramsey murder