July 6, 2000

Lin Wood reports that the Ramseys are selling their home in Atlanta to help pay legal bills, stating they still owe legal bills to their criminal defense attorneys.

Wood states once again that he will not allow the Ramseys to be "interrogated", this in reference to the new talks the BPD wish to have with the Ramsey parents.

July 11, 2000

The Ramseys have agreed to meet with BPD. Lin Wood claims the family has not imposed any conditions on the interviews, except that Wood be present during them. Beckner was quoted as saying there were some "sticking points".

July 19, 2000

The Ramseys appear on the 700 Club show.

Transcript: July 19th Show

July 20, 2000

The Ramseys appear on the 700 Club a second day

Transcript: July 20th Show

July 25, 2000

The Ramseys filed a Motion to Dismiss Chris Wolf's complaint for failure to state a cause of action. The Ramseys allege that the statements they made about Chris Wolf were (a) not false, (b) not defamatory, and (c) constitute non-actionable opinion or rhetoric that cannot be proved false.

Chris Wolf's response to this motion are:

Chris Wolf's Response to Dismiss

August 1, 2000

Report surfaces that BPD are reviewing evidence again in an unsolved 1997 sexual assault case to see if it might be connected to the Ramsey slaying. Additional tests on the evidence have reportedly been called for to see if there was something "missed." A testing of the palm prints is supposedly being asked for.

Beckner said detectives in September 1997 DID compare evidence and circumstances surrounding the unsolved case to JonBenet's murder and Beckner stated that they found no connection between the Ramsey case and the sexual assault. In the Sep 1997 incident, a 14-year-old was fondled by an intruder in her north Boulder home but the intruder was frightened away when the girl's mother heard whispering in her daughter's room and went to investigate.

Lin Wood was quoted as saying they (he and the murder suspects, John and Patsy Ramsey) reportedly only found out about this incident "just last week". Wood believes this to 'demonstrate the lack of objectivity that's been evident since the beginning of this investigation.'

August 2, 2000

Chris Wolf files a lawsuit against the Ramseys.

Chris Wolf Lawsuit

Fleet and Priscilla White contacted the BPD about filing a criminal complaint. This in reference to libelous remarks they believe were made by them as a result of the "mystery woman's" comments.

Det Spraggs Report

NOTE: All information pertaining to the above report from Det Spraggs provided courtesy of the Cybersleuths Forum

August 4, 2000

Darnay Hoffman files suit for Mrs. Pugh so that she may proceed to write a book.

Mrs. Pugh's Suit

August 6, 2000

JonBenét Ramsey would have been 10 years old this date. She was remembered across the Internet on the various forums.

August 8, 2000

Mary Keenan wins the Democratic Nomination for Boulder District Attorney. She will run this fall against Republican challenger Dave Sanderson.

August 12, 2000

Trip DeMuth resigns his position from the District Attorney's office, citing he is considering criminal defense work, commercial law or possibly running a small business. DeMuth phoned Hunter at 4:30PM this date to tender his resignation.

DeMuth said he is not willing to work in the office with Mary Keenan.

Hunter was quoted as saying he felt the decision for DeMuth to leave was a good one for him as well as the office.

Smit was quoted as saying: "He is a wonderful man; he really is. He really puts himself into the case. He is a dedicated prosecutor, without any doubt. I'll never regret my experience of working with him."

DeMuth stated the Ramsey murder was the one homicide he has worked on that has not resulted in a conviction of some sort. He refuses to discuss the evidence or who he might think is the killer. When pressed about his label of "intruder advocate" theory, he stated he 'has no theory about the case.'

It is reported, that a change to Colorado statutes may be the reason that John and Patsy Ramsey have agreed to participate in interviews with the Boulder police.

Reportedly, prosecutors working for the Boulder County District Attorney's Office threatened in July to convene a new grand jury if the Ramseys didn't submit to new interviews with Boulder police. Bill Wise would neither confirm nor deny that the Ramseys were threatened with a new grand jury but said he was well aware of the change in statutes regarding grand juries.

"Under the new law, if you made a statement to your neighbor and your neighbor repeated that to police, you are not necessarily entitled to that," Bill Nagle said about the change in the statute.

The previous law allowed grand jury witnesses to examine any statement the prosecution has that they have made that relates to the case. Witnesses now are only allowed to review and copy statements that they have made under oath or to law enforcement and prosecution officials.

Because of the new law, the Ramseys could risk making conflicting statements when testifying and damage their credibility.

A new grand jury could also produce new evidence against the Ramseys that they would have no knowledge of and little time to dispute before prosecutors investigated it.

Lin Wood said prosecutors did make a veiled threat on July 7 to convene a grand jury with the Ramseys as the specific targets, but said that was not the reason the couple agreed to an interview.

Wood also said there is nothing about any changes in the law that serves as the basis of John and Patsy's reason to agree to this interrogation.

Wood made it clear that the Ramseys are participating in the interviews against his legal advice.

The interview will be between the Ramseys and seven prosecutors and law officers including Beckner, Wickman, Morrissey, Levin and Kane. No one who works full time for the DA's Office will be present.

August 15, 2000

Beckner, Trujillo, Harmer, Wickman, Kane, Levin and Morrissey are on the team slated to interview the Ramsey parent murder suspects sometime this month. Reports are that the 'interview' is to take place sometime after the 19th but before the end of August. Beckner would not confirm when they were going, nor confirm how long they would be gone.

Several stipulations had to be met before the Ramseys would agree to this 'interview.' Some of the stipulations were that it be held in Atlanta, vs Boulder; Lin Wood be present; Ramsey investigator be present.

A BPD stipulation agreed upon was that Patsy be interviewed first and then John. Wood is quoted as saying that without this stipulation the BPD would not agree to speak with the murder suspects. Wood believes this is 'proof' that the BPD are not trying to interview the murder suspects, but is trying to interrogate them.

Another stipulation of no time limit was agreed upon, and that it be videotaped and transcribed by a court reporter.

The sessions are expected to last one day and possibly part of another.

Wood is quoted as saying the Ramseys "are desperate to have the investigation move in another direction."

Beckner estimated the Atlanta trip to 'interview' these two murder suspects would cost the police department about $4,000 which includes plane tickets, hotel accommodations and incidental expenses.

August 17, 2000

Ben Thompson announces his endorsement of Dave Sanderson. With respect to Keenan, Thompson had this to say: "she has failed to recognize the crisis with the police departments. I am afraid she will not actively pursue pending cases. She will wait for miracles that I am afraid will not happen."

With respect to Keenan, all interested parties are reminded to read pages 182-185 of Steve Thomas' book to get a hint of what Keenan might be involved in, with respect to the Ramsey case, and why she has been dubbed a "Mary-Gate".

August 22, 2000

Lin Wood told the press this date that the new interviews with murder suspects, John and Patsy Ramsey, are to be the following Monday (August 28, 2000), and the interviews may carry over to the following day if necessary.

Wood was quoted as saying: "The process evolved from a criminal matter into a civil matter. That's where we expect it to stay."

Beckner offered no comment at this time.

August 23, 2000

Channel 7News reports that Boulder police are investigating criminal libel allegations involving Fleet White and his family as victims and the Boulder Daily Camera newspaper named as one of the suspects. Boulder police confirm the investigation began two weeks ago when Priscilla and Fleet White Jr. filed a complaint alleging they were the victims of criminal libel.

Here is the report as stated on KMGH's web site:

7News has learned that Boulder police are investigating an unusual criminal charge, one that's connected to the JonBenet Ramsey murder case. Most people have heard of civil libel cases but it's also possible for police to investigate criminal libel accusations that carry possible prison sentences.

7News has learned that Boulder police are investigating criminal libel allegations involving Fleet White and his family as victims and the Boulder Daily Camera newspaper named as one of the suspects. Boulder police confirm the investigation began two weeks ago when Priscilla and Fleet White Jr. filed a complaint alleging they were the victims of criminal libel. The Whites are former friends of John and Patsy Ramsey and are considered key witnesses in the JonBenet case.

In February of this year, the Boulder Daily Camera broke a report that D.A. Alex Hunter wanted police to pursue new information in the Ramsey case. The newspaper reported the information came from a California woman who claimed she was the victim of a child sex ring. She claimed to be close to the White family and alleged that there were similarities between her abuse and the JonBenet's death. The newspaper quoted Alex Hunter as saying the woman was "very believable." But Boulder police say they determined there was no evidence to support her claims. Boulder police confirm the Boulder Daily Camera is named in the criminal libel investigation and they say D.A. Hunter is not.

Police say they expect to wrap up the preliminary investigation and hand the case over to the D.A. in the next few days. The D.A. will then decide what, if any, charges will be filed. The Camera's Publisher says they're aware of the investigation but do not have enough information to make any comment.

August 24, 2000

Geraldo Rivera has a show about the upcoming Ramsey interviews in Atlanta. Guests included: Lin Wood, Dan Abrams, and Bob Grant. Click below for the transcript of this show:

Geraldo Transcript

August 25, 2000

Paula Zahn interviewed Lin Wood about the upcoming Ramsey interviews. Carol McKinley provided commentary. Click below to read this transcript:

Zahn Transcript Aug 25 00

Matt Lauer interviews Lin Wood.

Transcript: Lauer and Wood

It is reported that BPD turned over a 600 page complaint filed by Fleet and Priscilla White to the District Attorney's office. The District Attorney's office announced that a special prosecutor has been requested for reviewing the complaint to determine if charges can be filed. Reportedly this was done because Alex Hunter may be called as a witness for these charges.

Tom Kelley, president of the CO Freedom of Information Council, was quoted as saying: "I'm startled that the DA's office would even consider referring it to investigation".

Daily Camera publisher and executive editor Colleen Conant said she had not seen the complaint and could not comment.

Beckner stated that with respect to the interviews coming up next week that "there is no reason to expect 'dramatic changes' in the case after the primary murder suspects, John and Patsy Ramsey, are questioned.

Univ of Notre Dame law professor Jimmy Gurule was quoted as saying, with respect to the interviews: "For them to agree to this is either the peak of arrogance or it's just absolute ignorance."

Gurule also said: "At the very least, police are going to leave that interview with inconsistencies in their stories. It's going to be almost impossible for them to remember what they said months and months ago. And if there is a trial those inconsistencies will come back to haunt them."

On criminal matters Wood says he is getting advice from fellow Atlanta lawyer Steve Sadow.

Beckner was quoted as saying: "We have a specific strategy.She [Patsy] is the primary witness of the two. She would have more knowledge than John in some areas."

Reportedly the Ramseys have run through most of their life savings for expenses incurred during their "defense" thus far and are supposedly living in an apartment in Atlanta now that their house is on the market.

August 26, 2000

It is reported that several news organizations and journalists are targets of a Boulder police investigation into whether they criminally libeled Ramsey murder case witness Fleet White.

Bill Wise confirmed that multiple organizations and journalists are being investigated but he would not identify them.

Wise stated that a special prosecutor would be called in because of Hunter's early statement that he found the "Mystery Woman's" assertions believable. Even though Hunter quickly retracted his statement it would still most likely make him a witness in the case

The special prosecutor will decide whether anyone should be charged with criminal libel. This is a felony punishable by up to two years in prison and a fine of up to $100,000.

August 28, 2000

Interviews with the Ramseys began today.

Reportedly, the investigators questioned Patsy Ramsey for about four hours before breaking for lunch at 1 p.m.

Patsy Ramsey was quoted today as saying: "I feel very comfortable with them, and I believe they're asking pertinent questions, so I'm happy to be there."

John Ramsey was quoted as saying: "They may never clear our names till they find the killer. We're not here to prove our innocence or clear our name. We're here to find the killer of our daughter."

Beckner said the questioning would focus on evidence developed over the past two years and statements the Ramseys made in their book.

Some of the new evidence has come from additional forensic testing.

Beckner was quoted as saying: "Either they're involved or they're witnesses. They're critical to this investigation. Certainly, there are going to be some tough questions, but we're not going to be confrontational. The more time that passes, the more difficult this is to solve."

Wood called the meeting "an interrogation, not an interview." He said he had advised the Ramseys not to meet with police because of "the potential for innocent people to be caught up in a web of an overzealous prosecutor and unobjective or less than objective police officials."

Univ of Ga Law Professor Ron Carlson stated that while the interview may not conclusively establish the Ramseys' innocence, the couple may help their image by signaling to the public that the investigation remains open. He also said that the willingness of John and Patsy to sit for interrogation, which they are not required to do, does impress many people as conduct which is inconsistent with guilt."

Following today's events, Lin Wood gave a brief press conference. In summary: he stated that Patsy answered all of the questions which he deemed fair. He said that Kane threatened to walk out when questions about Burke's security at school were asked and Wood refused to allow an answer.

Wood was also quoted as saying he felt Kane was on a "fishing expedition" to prove the Ramseys killed their daughter. He stated that Kane would not consider any suspect besides the Ramseys. he was also quoted as saying that he is "not real hopeful about further progress in the case".

AP reports that Kane threatened to walk out when the two sides argued over questioning about fiber evidence and security precautions for Burke Ramsey. Wood was angry that they would not disclose all that they knew about fiber evidence. And Wood objected to questioning about Patsy Ramsey's concern for Burke's security at school. Wood believes that questioning did nothing to help prosecutors find the 6-year-old beauty queen's killer.

On the 22-minute segment of the tape released by Wood, Kane asked Patsy Ramsey if she worried about someone accosting her son at a stop sign on his way to school. Wood objected. And wondered how that would help in finding the killer.

Kane rose from the conference table, closed his notebook and acted as if he would leave. He called Wood an obstructionist and said the question was justified. "If you ever expect for us to be able to put the case against the intruder together, the intruder is going to ask that question. Why is it that the parents, a month after their child was murdered, allow their son to be transported with no protection. That's a legitimate question."

John Ramsey said they were foolish questions. He felt the prosecutors were trying to discredit them by asking these questions and that "it has nothing to do with finding the killer."

AP also reports that the questioning of Patsy is to continue tomorrow morning, and then be followed by John Ramsey.

Wood stated he believed the :problem in that room [interview room] was spelled Michael Kane.

An impasse arose over questions about fiber evidence found in a paint tray, JonBenet's underwear, the garrote and other areas of the crime scene.

Investigators rejected Wood's request to see fiber test results before Patsy answered questions about them.

Reportedly, Hunter,who remained in Boulder, kept in contact with Kane, who continues to consult him on the case.

Hunter said he wanted the Ramseys to provide investigators with a list of tips they might have received on a hotline established after the publication of their book. He also provided Kane with questions posed by criminalist Henry Lee.

Kane stated that Wood "doesn't want his client to answer some tough questions about JonBenet's death". He also stated that "This case is almost four years old. Whether it's an intruder or somebody in the house who committed this homicide, there are some difficult, tough questions that have to be answered".

Kane and Wood were on Larry King Live.

August 29, 2000

Wood was quoted as saying: "The time has come for the police to come forward and publicly acknowledge that there's nothing left to do. The evidence is not there."

The Ramseys claim they cooperated fully and supplied leads to the possible killer. They would not state what leads they provided.

Beckner said the interrogations were "less than we had hoped for."

Patsy Ramsey stated at a news conference: "Whatever obstacles are in your way that make you think I killed my child, I want to help you get over that."

Wood said the Ramseys had answered all the investigators' questions except some that covered forensic evidence because they did not have the results of forensic tests performed by police.

Beckner issued a statement saying the investigators did not cover all the ground they hoped to because of the conditions of the questioning. He was quoted as saying: "We need some time to digest and debrief the interviews and the information we obtained, and we're not in a position to draw any conclusions at this time".

Patsy was questioned seven hours Monday and a half-hour this morning. John Ramsey was questioned for 2 1/2 hours this morning after the completion of Patsy's questioning.

The following represents the Boulder Police Press Release with respect to these interviews:

News Release
August 29, 2000
Contact: Jana Petersen,
Media Relations, (303) 441-3090
Jennifer Bray,
Media Relations, (303) 441-3090
City's Home Page www.ci.boulder.co.us Ramsey Index

Boulder Police Chief comments on Ramsey interviews (#79)

Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner today commented on interviews with John and Patsy Ramsey that took place over the past two days.

"We appreciate the opportunity to speak with John and Patsy Ramsey. We need some time to digest and debrief the interviews and the information we obtained, and we're not in a position to draw any conclusions at this time," he said.

"Due to the parameters of the interviews, we were not able to go into everything we had hoped to in this setting," he said. "In that respect, it was less than we had hoped for."

Regarding criticism of Special Prosecutor Mike Kane, Beckner said: "We certainly do not agree with the way Mike Kane was characterized by the Ramseys' attorney. Mike Kane has been an integral part of moving this investigation forward and has been a knowledgeable adviser to the investigation for more than two years. Just as it's the job of the Ramseys' attorney to aggressively defend his clients, it's the prosecutor's job to aggressively pursue justice in this case."

The interviews began on Monday, with investigators questioning Patsy Ramsey for more than seven hours. Today, interviewers met with Patsy Ramsey for about 30 minutes and with John Ramsey for about 2˝ hours.

At the end of questioning Wood demanded that authorities either clear his clients or arrest them.

August 30, 2000

Kane and Wood square off on Larry King Live show.

Transcript with Kane and Wood

Patsy Ramsey challenged the Colorado authorities to charge her in the murder of her daughter. She said that after four years of being under police suspicion that she and John are "weary, frustrated and desperate for some normalcy in their lives."

Patsy was quoted as saying: "If you think I did it, let's have a trial and get it over with."

Patsy also stated that the focus of suspicion on them has wrecked their finances, challenged their resolve and led them "into a cocoon-like lifestyle, with no television or newspapers in their home."

On ABC's Good Morning America Michael Kane declined Patsy Ramsey's invitation to clear them and said: "Our purpose is not to clear anybody. Our purpose is to find out who killed the little girl". Also on GMA, Wood challenged Kane to release the GJ transcripts. Kane's response was: "I'll tell you what, Mr. Wood if you will go to the court with me, and ask the presiding judge to authorize a release of that information I will release it. I will sign that petition with you, Mr. Wood, I will sign."

On a portion of the tape released Kane was seen telling Wood that "My job is not to stand in the way of the truth." And Wood responded with "Well, if you are implying that my job is to obstruct the truth, I take that as a professional insult and you will not be staying in this office. You did not come here to insult me, sir."

The Ramseys said they believe they will be cleared only when the person who killed their daughter kills again.

The Ramseys also said it was clear to them from the authorities' questions that Patsy Ramsey is the primary target of the investigation.

The Ramseys reportedly gave the authorities a list of a half-dozen names of people they believe might know something about the slaying.

The Ramseys say they have spent "millions" on attorneys and investigators and are $250,000 in debt.

August 31, 2000

With respect to the release of the GJ Transcripts, Hunter says those transcripts will remain secret. Hunter reminded the press that the rule clearly states that grand jury proceedings are secret and shall remain that way until either an indictment is returned or a report is issued. Neither of that occurred.

Wood felt that the DA"s office should have said that Kane was not authorized to make his statement (about release of the GJ statements)

Wood characterized Kane as "sticking his foot in his mouth" with respect to this incident.

Kane has called Wood an "obstructionist" and accused him of manipulating the media by saying his clients answered every question when they did not.

It's also been reported that the Ramseys could be subpoenaed before a newly seated grand jury. But Hunter says that won't be considered until investigators review the interviews done in Atlanta.

Police and prosecutors say the Ramseys failed to answer every question, and that raises again the grand jury issues.

Hunter was quoted as saying: "These issues have been talked about before, and they will be talked about again."

Hunter blasted Lin Wood for a verbal attack on Michael Kane and for releasing portions of the videotaped interview in which Kane was shown arguing with Wood.

Wood also said he plans to release the full videotaped session and a previous police interview of the Ramseys. Wood and police each had cameras in the room.

Hunter characterized Wood's actions as a "temper tantrum." Hunter was further quoted as saying: "This was an attempt at a search for the truth; this is not a tea party; yhis is not sitting around the croquet area in Atlanta sipping mint julep. This is advocacy."

On a portion of the video which was released it showed Kane saying "This is a sham. This is a big publicity stunt on your part. You want to go out there and say, 'My clients answered every question.' Well, don't say that, because you're not letting your client answer this question."

Wood said the video shows Kane as "overzealous." He said the Ramseys answered every question that was "fair" and "new" as agreed to before the interviews.

The only questions Wod claims he objected to were "hypothetical" ones about forensic testing.

Beckner said it is not in the best interests of the investigation to release any further police reports. He also said that they believe it is not in the best interests of the investigation to release any portion of the videotaped interviews or their transcripts. Beckner was further quoted as saying: "In fact, it potentially harms our ability to find justice for JonBenét."

Beckner said the interview strategy was designed on three levels:

1) Evidence pointing to an alternate suspect;

2) Evidence and public statements implicating the Ramseys;

3) Police explanations of what evidence investigators believe they have against the Ramseys and whether the couple had explanations for that evidence.

Beckner said the Ramseys answered all of the first set of questions, but problems arose during the second set when Wood raised his objections.

Beckner said they were prepared to explain what evidence they believed put them under suspicion and explore whether they had any explanations for some of that evidence.

Beckner said one of the breakdowns in the meeting was that Wood was the one who defined which question was fair and new.

Beckner said there is a consensus among the seven-member investigative team that outside interviews with the Ramseys a second time in attempt to get answers "would not be worthwhile." The remaining options include going without the answers they seek and taking the couple before a grand jury.

REMINDER: At the urging of Boulder authorities the legislature changed a requirement of the law that limits how much information prosecutors must turn over to targets of grand juries.

Wood released a statement that the Ramseys would not answer any additional questions. He further stated that if the authorities ever want to formally interview them again then they will have to file charges.

Wood's position was stated as: "either bring your charge or leave us alone."

Wood stated the Ramseys "would not participate before a new Grand Jury."

Beckner's response to Wood's statements were that they [BPD] didn't think they would talk to them again anyway and feels they have gotten all they are going to get out of them.

It is reported that the BPD are examining a pair of boots turned over by John and Patsy Ramsey's investigator. Investigators are trying to determine if the boots match the footprint found in the Ramsey home after the murder of JonBenet.

The person who owned the boots has committed suicide.

Tests already performed show DNA of the person does not match DNA found at the crime scene.

Word from Beckner is the he feels the Ramseys have endangered the investigation by releasing videotaped portions of this weeks interviews.

Patsy Ramsey said she has thought about going to Janet Reno on this issue. And said she would except she was told that people outside the case cannot intervene.

Patsy claims they get "piles of tips" from the internet and US mail.She says John stays up late at night pouring over these tips. They send the tips to their private investigators, however, not the Boulder Police.

John Ramseys claims he has been unable to work and likens his family to that of Sam Shepperds. He said he owes $250,000 to various attorneys and that the drain on the family's funds prompted the Ramseys to put their Atlanta home on the market and move to an apartment. They also sold their vacation home in MI and bought a smaller one. They say they sold their boat and have borrowed money from relatives.

John Ramseys says he feels like working again. But says he knows a big company would never touch him "with a ten foot pole" and hasn't tried to find work.

Patsy Ramseys says she might get a job. Though she doesn't say what she might do.

Patsy Ramseys says that two years ago the television was removed from the family's home and newspaper subscriptions were canceled. She claims it was done to prevent Burke from seeing or hearing hurtful things said about the family.

Reportedly during a break from a session with Colorado authorities this week, John Ramsey walked out of his attorney's office and was served with a lawsuit from a Florida man who says he's solved JonBenet's slaying and wants a $100,000 reward the Ramseys have posted. The suit says the man believes Burke is the killer.

Wood sends letters to Kane, Wood, and Beckner informing them that he was drafting a petition to ask the court to release the GR transcripts.