July 1, 1997

Reports surfaces that investigators plan on destroying walls of the Ramsey Boulder home in search of cord, duct tape, and other physical evidence that might have been used in the murder.

Investigators also reportedly made a model of the home for use in a trial

July 2, 1997

Arvada Police Department detective Walt Parsons, a porn expert, was asked by Boulder authorities to investigate child pornography computer databases in connection with this case

July 7, 1997

Patsy Ramsey cannot be ruled out as the author of the note.

July 8, 1997

RMN reports that investigators have explored a possible link between a Bible passage and the ransom note dollar figure demanded. The $118,000 figure is reportedly seen as a possible reference to Psalm 118 and its 27th verse containing the phrase "bind the sacrifice with cords,'' law enforcement sources said. Psalm 118 was reportedly familiar to Patsy Ramsey, the slain child's mother, in providing inspiration to her during her recovery from ovarian cancer.

July 9, 1997

Confirmed that the Ramseys purchased a new home in Atlanta GA

Sources report that police found an open Bible on John Ramsey's desk when they arrived at the Ramsey house the morning of the reported kidnapping

July 12, 1997

The Ramsey parents are secretly interviewed at the Boulder Justice Center by Lou Smit. The meeting was reportedly initiated by the DA's office and was to discuss other possible leads and other possible suspects in the case.

July 14, 1997

A second portion of the autopsy is released to the public by the state Supreme Court.

July 15, 1997

Dr Ronald Wright is quoted as stating that JonBenét was likely strangled as much as an hour after receiving the head blow, but that at least 20 - 60 minutes elapsed from head blow to strangulation.

Dr Wright also stated that complete evacuation of the bladder was is not normal at time of death; usually there is only a partial evacuation. This suggested in his opinion that she emptied her bladder intentionally while awake near the time of her death or a bed wetting.

July 16, 1997

Neither parents prints were found on the ransom note---not finger or palm prints.

July 18, 1997 Detective Chuck Martinez, latent print examiner for the Denver crime lab, is quoted in the press as to saying that some people are "non-secreters" meaning that they don't perspire. This was his answer as to why neither John nor Patsy left their fingerprints on the ransom note. He also added that it depends on the weather and was quoted as saying: "in the wintertime, they won't be perspiring anyway."

July 25, 1997

Social services computer files containing an interview with the older brother of JonBenet Ramsey apparently have been broken into.

July 28, 1997

Neighbor Leslie McHugh is quoted as believing the latest tactic of distributing fliers in the neighborhood about the murder, is a diversionary tactic by the Ramseys.

July 29, 1997

Hunter is quoted as saying the recent move by the Ramseys to distribute these fliers is to divert focus away from them.

Hunter states that Hofstrom and DeMuth are authorized to make the trip to Quantico to meet with the FBI.

Police reportedly are not going to make the trip to Quantico.

Dale Yeager submits a report to Ron Gosage on his company's analysis of the Ransom Note.

Yeager's Report to Gosage

August 1, 1997

The book "Death of a Little Princess" hit the bookstores.

August 2, 1997

It is confirmed that the police have been conferring with attorneys Richard Baer, Dan Hoffman, and Robert Miller. Reportedly Miller worked with Haddon worked together on a $45M judgement case brought against a drug company.

Hunter stated no problems with the police consultation with outside lawyers. But he reiterated that it would be left up to him and him alone as to whether this case will be filed and that he will not unless he is certain he can prove it beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury.

August 3, 1997

Ramseys place an ad in the paper with copies of certain phrases from the ransom note, asking people if they recognize this handwriting.

Peter Boyles runs an ad in the Camera paper lashing out at the Ramseys, calling their profile "laughable" and criticizing many of their moves.

August 13, 1997

Dr Di Maio points out how important the temperature of the room the body was found in is.

Dr Di Maio also points out that chronic inflammation suggests chronic trauma. He further states that theoretically there is an "innocent" explanation for this, but that in a 6yo this is really not supposed to be there. He also stated that we are living on Meyer's description and we really need for him to describe what specifically he saw.

Dr Wecht questions publicly why the Boulder coroner did not arrive until 8PM that night.

Dr Wecht states he believes JonBenét was hit last due to the brain swelling that he says is evident in the autopsy report. He explains that it takes time for brain swelling to occur, and that the head blow would have killed her within minutes. He believes she was dying when she was hit, and that the head blow was to make it appear as an "intruder" had killed her. In addition, he states this to be a "sex game gone awry."

No disturbance of outside foliage around the house from the night of the murder is revealed.

The full autopsy report is now available.

Autopsy Report

August 18, 1997

Phrases in the note reportedly came from the movies "Dirty Harry", "Speed" and "Ransom."

August 19, 1997

Dr Baden points out that it is rare to have a pristine crime scene.