Transcript typed using my own VCR recording

Date of Press Conference = July 5, 2001

Linda Hoffman Pugh: I spent several hours in the GJ was either 6 or 8 I can't remember exactly. I just want to be able to talk about what in all was asked of me because when I left there I firmly believed there would be an indictment when I walked out of the GJ.

Darnay Hoffman: Any GJ witness who is disturbed by the outcome of the events here, that want to speak out, will have that opprotunity to do so. And more importantly there are two civil trials going on in Atlanta right now. One on behalf of Chris Wolf, and one on behalf of Linda Hoffman Pugh. Plus Steve Thomas is being sued by the Ramseys for accusing Patsy Ramsey. These civil trials will in effect be like the OJ Simpson trial in Santa Monica where we may have a civil solution to a case that could have been solved by a criminal prosecution but that for whatever reason was not. The GJ witnesses will be extremely important. I want to talk with Fleet White. Fleet White doesn't want to show up anywhere in court. Fleet White seems to be willing to go jail rather than talk about this case. And quite frankly I think that the Ramseys want to talk to a lot of people. One thing I will say, the Ramseys and Linda Hoffman Pugh agree on two things: one, that the GJ witness secrecy law should be declared unconstitutional and secondly that the Gov of CO should appoint a special prosecutor in this case. This case is never going anywhere if it remains in Boulder. There is simply no will to prosecute this case.