[Copy of Email provided courtesy NYL Justice Watch Forum]

January 5, 2001


Very quickly because I am trying to get out of the office for the weekend.

(1) All plaintiff's libel cases are tough cases to litigate - I am sure the case against Thomas will be hard fought. I learned long ago to never make predictions in civil litigation.

(2) You are just ridiculously wrong about the Jewell settlements and the Star settlement. I am under an agreement of confidentiality and will say no more on the subject.

(3) You are wrong about the reasons re: the timing of the Thomas suit.

(4) I am confident Judge Carnes will issue a well-reasoned opinion and if some or all of Wolf's claims survive the motion to dismiss then the case will be agressively defended.

(5) Being investigated and being guilty are two different things. A grand jury did not indict and 7 prosecutors refused to file charges.

(6) I have seen any number of criminal defense attorneys and other attorneys vouch publicly for their clients' positions. Turn on the TV or read a newspaper. I have no concerns vouching for the Ramseys' innocence -- they are innocent.

(7) Send me Linda Hoffmann-Pugh's home address -- she has been on the list to be sued and I will be glad to move the timing of that case up slightly if it will satisfy your desire to have one of your clients sued.

(8) To date, like some others, I have not found Peter Boyles credible enough among a sufficient number of people to merit my time and efforts. I view him as a cartoon-like character obsessed with this case because at one point in time it helped his ratings. Perhaps that position will change in the future.

(9) Your handwriting "experts" are not credible - period. Hope this clarifies things for you. If not, I am sure we will have the opportunity in the future to continue our discussion in some forum. I am afraid my time demands will not allow future e-mail exchanges with you.

Best regards,

L. Lin Wood