March 3, 2001

It is reported that JonBenet's grandmather, Nedra, passed away this date.

Darnay Hoffman released the following on the various internet forums, with respect to Linda Hoffman Pugh:


ATLANTA (3/3).... Ramsey housekeeper Linda Hoffmann-Pugh will file a $50 million dollar libel lawsuit against her former employers John and Patsy Ramsey in Atlanta federal court on Monday, March 5, 2001.

Filing the complaint on Linda Hoffmann-Pugh's behalf (who is a Colorado resident) is Atlanta attorney Evan M. Altman, a former FBI agent, and New York attorney Darnay Hoffman. This will be the second libel lawsuit filed against the Ramseys in Atlanta by people complaining that the Ramseys falsely named them as murder suspects in their book.

The libel complaint is being filed at 10:30 AM on Monday, March 5th at the Clerk of the Court's Office in Room 221 on the 22nd Floor of the Atlanta Federal Courthouse at 75 Spring Street, S.W., Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta attorney Evan Altman will be available to answer press questions.

March 4, 2001

JonBenet's grandmother, Nedra, was reportedly buried this date.

March 5, 2001

Linda Hoffman Pugh's libel lawsuit to be filed is as follows:

Linda's Libel Suit

Peter Boyles discusses the Ramsey break in.

March 8, 2001

Linda Hoffman Pugh filed a $50M libel lawsuit against John and Patsy Ramsey this date. Mrs Pugh stated that she was "shunned, hated, ridiculed and held in contempt by members of her community" because of the allegations in the Ramseys' book, "The Death of Innocence."

Wood, the Ramseys lawyer, stated Mrs Pugh turned on the Ramseys in order to make money from paid interviews with tabloids and a possible book deal. He also stated that he believes Mrs Pugh's lawsuit is a "frivolous publicity stunt."

Shirley Brady, a live-in housekeeper for the Ramseys from 1986 to 1989 said she doubts the Ramseys killed their daughter.

It is reported this date that John and Patsy Ramsey settled a lawsuit against the "Globe" tabloid over stories that suggested their son molested and killed his sister. This lawsuit was filed last May for $35M, but the terms of the settlement were sealed under a confidentiality agreement.

March 12, 2001

Ruth Ann Gerstenkorn, commonly known as "Ruthee", passed away this date.

A "goodbye" thread was posted on the forum she loved so much.

Goodbye Ruthee

March 13, 2001

Judge Wiley Y. Daniel denied the State of Colorado's motion to dismiss Linda Hoffmann-Pugh's petition to have Colorado's grand jury witness secrecy oath declared unconstitutional.

This motion can be read here:

Motion Denied

March 14, 2001

Obituary for Ruthee was published on the internet this date. A copy of that obit can be found here:

Ruthee's Obituary

March 15, 2001

Attorney Bruce Jones takes deposition from Beckner this date in preparation for the civil trial of Arndt vs the City of Boulder, Koby and Beckner. Beckner stated in his deposition that supervisors should not have left Arndt alone in the Ramsey home. He also stated that her being alone did not justify some of the things that did go on there. Beckner also stated that John Ramsey was pacing back and forth and that it was his (Beckner's) understanding that Arndt asked Ramsey to search the house again in order to keep him (ramsey) busy. with respect to Arndt's movement of the blanket on the body he stated that you should not disturb the crime scene any further by subjecting it to further forensic contamination.Beckner also testified that he never asked Arndt about why she made the mistakes she did. Attorney Jones felt this was important information.

Arndt believes she was made scapegoat for the errors made in the investigative process and that a police gag order prevented her from defending herse

March 28, 2001

Darnay Hoffman was on Catherine Crier.

March 29, 2001

John and Patsy Ramsey file an $80M libel and slander lawsuit against Steve Thomas.

A copy of this lawsuit can be found here:

Steve Thomas Lawsuit

April 2, 2001

Steve Thomas retains Dan Petrocelli as his attorney in the upcoming libel/slander suit.

In response to the Ramsey lawsuit, Thomas was quoted as saying the following to the press:

"I stand by my convictions. The Ramseys have no right to silence me or anyone else who wishes to seek the truth and speak out about this horrible tragedy of injustice. I will vigorously defend myself against the Ramseys' lawsuit and look forward to the opportunity to expose in a court of law what happened in the Ramsey home on Christmas night 1996."

April 3, 2001

Lin Wood was a guest on the "Today Show" for discussion of the upcoming lawsuit to be filed by Steve Thomas.

The transcript of that show can be found here:

Today Show, April 3 2001

Summary was filed with respect to the Wolf suit. That summary can be found here:

Wolf Show Summary

April 4, 2001

Petrocelli states he believes the lawsuit against Thomas to be a "smear campaign" that will not likely survive to trial. Petrocelli also was quoted as saying he believes it to be a fundamentally unsound case and that he believes the case was filed to seek publicity than anything else.

Wood's response to Petrocelli's remarks were that the case will be aggressively litigated on both sides.

Petrocelli remarked on the following similarity between the Simpson case and Ramsey case:

"It's also another case where the criminal justice system did not function. Someone killed that young girl, yet no one has been identified in any public or court proceeding. In the civil suit, there will be an opportunity in a court of law to determine somebody's responsibility.

Petrocelli is not taking this case pro bono.

April 5, 2001

Attorney Bruce Jones takes deposition from Wickman this date in preparation for the civil trial of Arndt vs the City of Boulder, Koby and Beckner. Reportedly Wickman stated in his deposition that he was concerned that Arndt was having private conversations with Patsy Ramsey and Barb Fernie and not documenting them. Wickman also admitted that the mistakes at the crime scene were not all Arndt's mistakes.Wickman also stated that the people at the residence should have been removed.

April 25, 2001

Summary judgement made on LHP's case.

Summary Judgement

April 27, 2001

It is reported that Lou Smit will release selected crime scene and autopsy photos during an airing of the "Today Show." Smit states this evidence will show that an intruder killed JonBenet. This "evidence" is reportedly the same information he showed to the Grand Jury.Prosecutors sued to get the materials Smit has back, but a signed agreement between him and the Former DA reflect that he may show them to anyone he chooses within a month after the GJ completed its work.

Police say the case and development of evidence has changed significantly since Smit resigned in the fall of 1998.

April 30, 2001

Lou Smit appeared on the Today Show to show sell his intruder theory.

A copy of this transcript is here:

Transcript of Day 1

BPD release a press release about Lou Smit's decision to go on TV with his theory.

Press Release about Smit

Geraldo Rivera discusses the today's show with Lou Smit. A copy of that transcript is here:

Geraldo About LS on Today Show