May 4, 2000

Hunter and Thomas appear on Larry King Live:

Transcript with Hunter

May 8, 2000

Chris Wolf files a lawsuit against the Ramseys:

Chris Wolf Lawsuit

May 10, 2000

The "Mystery Woman" was interviewed by detectives Tom Trujillo and Jane Harmer

Boulder police submit a letter to the Ramsey attorney Lin Wood asking for the couple to meet with police and prosecutors for separate interviews. The BPD reportedly wish to ask additional questions based on some new forensic information that has come to light.The request was spawned from a two-day meeting May 2 and 3 among Boulder police detectives, the FBI, the Boulder County District Attorney's Office and prosecutors involved in the grand jury investigation. During this meeting was discussion of forensic test results, including hair and fiber evidence, as well as other information about the case.

May 11, 2000

The "Mystery Woman" was interviewd by Ramsey investigators Lou Smit and Ollie Gray.

May 16, 2000

Boulder police say there is no connection between the killing of JonBenét Ramsey and "Mystery Woman's" allegations that she was the victim of a child-sex ring. Beckner said: "We just haven't been able to come up with any evidence to point us in that direction"

Investigators determined the woman, who lives near San Luis Obispo, was sexually abused by a relative 20 years ago - but found no ties to the Ramsey case.

"There is simply no credible evidence to link anything she alleges to the death of JonBenét," said prosecutor Michael Kane about Mystery Woman's claims

Beckner reiterated Monday that Fleet and Priscilla White are not under suspicion in JonBenét's death. "We have never had evidence to support such an allegation," he said.

Boulder detectives did corroborate a link between the Mystery woman's mother and Fleet White's father. "They did know each other and were friends back in California," Beckner said.

Investigators were unable to support the Mystery Woman's claim she had met John and Patsy Ramsey

Since working the Mystery Woman's claims,the BPD have spent 11 weeks investigation using three investigators interviewed 22 people, reviewed medical and psychological records, and consulted with a forensic psychiatrist

Lou Smit was quoted as saying: "I'm sure the police have looked into this thoroughly."

Beckner said his investigators have forwarded information about the woman's allegations to the FBI's field offices in California.

Beckner wouldn't say whether the woman's general claims of a child-sex ring are credible.
Beckner said: "We didn't want to come to any conclusion on that out of respect for her. Our investigation was whether JonBenét's death was the result of a child-sex and pornography ring. We didn't find any evidence of that."

Beckner also stated that the Mystery Woman had no direct knowledge of anything that may have occurred the night JonBenét died and that it was her speculation based on what she claimed she went through as a child.

May 18, 2000

Ben Thompson responds about the Ramsey case and its probable cause for arrest:


Letter focuses only on Ramsey case

I would like to respond to John Haried's May 17 letter. Perhaps, he should have disclosed that he once worked for the Boulder County District Attorney's office and supports one of the "insiders." He and the DA's office seem to be of the opinion that anyone who voices disagreement with the DA's office policy ("do nothing but hope for a miracle confession") lacks judgment and experience and that all of the voters in Boulder County agree with them.

I have 30 years experience as a trial lawyer which includes 50-plus criminal jury trials and 12 death penalty cases. I have been an elected city council member and a mayor. I've had my own private practice in Boulder County for nearly 20 years. My wife and I own our office building in downtown Boulder.

When elected, I will have to give up a good practice and clients I have developed over many years. That was not an easy decision to make.

I feel strongly that changes need to be made. For over a year, I have interviewed witnesses, suspects, lawyers, detectives and investigators. I have researched and studied extensively. I have paid very close attention to the Ramsey case and the many others that have not been so publicized. I am forming a volunteer advisory group that includes: 1). A former deputy district attorney; 2). A judge with eight years of criminal trial experience (with several death penalty cases) and three years of juvenile court experience; 3). An elected prosecutor and former detective; 4). A former prosecutor who had 65 convictions out of 66 homicide cases; 5). A chief investigator in the Ramsey case who interviewed over 200 witnesses; 6). Other Ramsey case investigators, detectives, and officers; and more. They agree there is probable cause for an arrest in the Ramsey case as does Alex Hunter and numerous "insiders."

I have raised other issues like juvenile reform, the rift between police and the DA's office, and the need for treatment programs for drug and alcohol abusers, but Mr. Haried seems to focus only on the Ramsey case. Remember, I have not stated who should be arrested or for what they should be arrested. There are many potential charges. Many have not been discussed publicly. I am the only candidate willing to commit to action. If the insiders are elected, nothing will happen in the Ramsey case and many other cases also will sit waiting for a miracle.

These actions may not be a wise political course but sometimes we must simply do what is right. That has been, is,and always will be my standard of discipline.

Candidate for Boulder County District Attorney

May 19, 2000

Hunter was accused of being a "gossip monger" and scattering mud on Fleet White and his family, for giving credence to the allegations made by the "Mystery Woman"

May 23, 2000

Channel 4 reports that Gene Parker, a well-respected Denver polygrapher who gave John Ramsey's secretary her polygraph, was contacted last week by the Ramsey's attorneys and asked to administer a Lie Detector test to John and Patsy Ramsey "to exonerate them". The Ramsey's attorneys balked when Gene Parker said he required a urine test for any mind numbing drugs. They called him back saying they found someone else.

May 24, 2000

The Primary Murder Suspects, John and Patsy Ramsey, hold a press conference to announce they "passed" Lie Detector tests attesting to their innocence in the murder.

Boulder Police release a statement about the lie detector tests the Ramseys claim they have taken:

Press Release about Lie Detector Tests Taken

May 25, 2000

Peter Boyles had a show dealing with the polygraphs the Ramseys took.

Beckner called John and Patsy Ramsey's disclosure that a private polygraph exam cleared them of their daughter's death part of an ongoing "publicity campaign" by the couple. He also stated that the Ramsey press conference offered nothing to alter the murder investigation.

Beckner reiterated that police wanted only a law enforcement agency to give the Ramseys the lie detector test, in part because an examiner would have to review the thousands of pages of evidence and interviews in the case file to give a valid test.

Area polygraphers said the Ramseys' examiner, Ed Gelb, is respected in the field.

Grant said there was no real investigative value in a private polygraph test.

Wickman said John Ramsey's complaint that police have focused their investigation only on the couple was "ludicrous." And was quoted as saying:
"We have gone coast-to-coast in this investigation looking at other people. I'm tired of hearing how we've only zeroed in on them. We haven't."

Ben Thompson received over 1,700 signatures in his bid to be placed on the Democrat Primary Ballot, August 8, 2000 for District Attorney of Boulder County.

May 26, 2000

Lin Wood stated that he will not allow police to interview John and Patsy separately or be treated as suspects in the new "interview" the BPD want with the Ramseys.

The Ramseys purchase another home in Charlevoix MI. The home reportedly "has to have a lot of work done on it." It is a 1,300-square-foot home with three bedrooms and one bathroom. John Ramsey reportedly will do the renovation himself.

Charlevoix police chief Dennis Halverson stated the Ramsey return has been quiet. He also said the residents appeared willing to accept the Ramseys as neighbors and members of the community.

May 30, 2000

Ben Thompson filed about 1,600 signatures with the Secretary of State's Office in hopes of petitioning onto the Aug. 8 primary ballot.

May 31, 2000

Former Detective Thomas meets on Larry King Live with John and Patsy Ramsey.

The most infamous quote which came out of this "face off" was when Steve Thomas said to Patsy Ramsey: Actually, I'll look you right in the eye. I think you're good for this. I think that's what the evidence suggests.

Transcript: Ramseys and Steve Thomas

June ?, 2000 [actual date in June not known at this time]

A comparison of the DA candidates was done. Below represents the differences of positions that each has with respect to the Ramsey case:

Mary Keenan

When Mrs Keenan was asked what lessons she learned from the Ramsey case, she said this:

A good overall analysis of this high profile case has not been done in this office, to the best of my knowledge. I think we need to start with an assessment. What did we do right, what did we do wrong? What could we improve on if this happens again?

When a new person comes into an administration you can do that. You can analyze your strengths, weaknesses and make changes. For instance, what I look at in the Ramsey case is Mark Beckner. I think that Tom Koby did a good job. But when Mark Beckner took over, he assessed what was wrong, what was right and what he could do better. He put his head down and went to work. He is making real changes. The Boulder Police Department is really improving in how they conduct their investigation and their follow-up. That difference is showing in cases that are coming up now.

My personal opinion is that the media played too big a part and that people started paying more attention to what was being said in the media than what was warranted. You have to communicate with the public. You have to communicate with the media, but you can't forget what your focus is.

You have to make sure that law enforcement and the District Attorney's office understand their respective roles, respect each other's roles and work together as a team.

Ben Thompson

When Mr Thompson was asked why he's running for DA, this was his response with respect to the Ramsey case:

The Ramsey case is the tip of the iceberg. The Ramsey case, for the first time, put the focus on the D.A.'s office and all of a sudden this became public. The next problem, which is associated with the rift and the Ramsey case, and all the other cases, is the excess of plea bargaining. The number three problem is the Ramsey case and cases like it. Major cases where they just don't aggressively pursue. I use the Ramsey case as one example but you have to understand there are other cases I feel just as strongly about.

In the Ramsey case, I have done enough research that I have formed an opinion that there should be an arrest. People say that's a publicity stunt but I'm not the average citizen as it relates to law enforcement.

For a year, I've talked to detectives, I've talked to police officers, I've talked to sheriffs, deputy sheriffs and chiefs and witnesses and victims and I've talked to suspects in the Ramsey case.

And the following quote from Mr Thompson's statement above deserves to stand on its own:

People in Burnt Fork, Georgia know who killed Jon Benet. People in London know. I think the outrageous thing here is that the District Attorney's office hasn't done anything."

When Mr Thompson was asked what lessons were learned from the Ramsey case, he had this comment:

That turnover is good. That change is good and that sometimes we in the political arena have to do what is right rather than what our political futures or our political careers will dictate. That's what we should learn from this. We should pay more attention.

Dave Sanderson

When Mr Sanderson was asked what lessons were learned from the Ramsey case, he had this to say:

I believe that the Ramsey case is symptomatic of the way the office operates. It was the 'Pearl Harbor' for Boulder County's DA. The DA's loss of trust in his own long-time lawyers was proven by the decision to hire outside lawyers to handle Ramsey.

The following quote from Mr Sanderson from above deserves to stand alone:

Sanderson stated that with new eyes, vision and energy, he will carefully review the evidence of the Ramsey case. "If the case can be solved, we will proceed. If not, I will make a full accounting to the people of Boulder County and move on with the quiet business of prosecuting cases."

Trip DeMuth

When asked what lessons were learned from the Ramsey case, DeMuth had this to say:

We should not talk about ongoing cases with the media. There have been no new efforts in joint (DA and police) training since the Ramsey case.

June 2, 2000

H. Ellis Armistead, the former Lakewood police officer turned private detective, resigned from John and Patsy Ramsey's investigative team

Armistead's only comment to "why" was this:
"It's just what's been going on. It's the media events"

Ramsey attorney Lin Wood said it would be unreasonable to leap to the conclusion Armistead had ulterior motives for quitting the case.

June 7, 2000

Ben Thompson issues a press release about getting on the ballot for the August Primary.

June 8, 2000

Peter Boyles interviews Gene Parker about a polygraph he administered to Dianne Hollis. Copy of the transcript can be found here:

Gene Parker Interview with Boyles

June 12, 2000

Chris Wolf's attorneys filed an amendment to the original lawsuit against the Ramseys:

Amendment to the Lawsuit

June 19, 2000

Private lie detector tests taken by John and Patsy Ramsey to prove their innocence in the death of their daughter, JonBenet, didn't sway public opinion in Colorado, a new poll shows. Only one in eight Coloradans in the Colorado News Poll said they believed the results of the polygraph tests showing the parents were not involved

Ramsey attorney Lin Wood said the poll reflects the "anti-Ramsey" campaign waged by columnists and radio talk shows in Colorado.

Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner said the poll shows the public's sophistication.