May 1, 1997

The Ramsey parents hold a press conference with selected members of the press being invited.

Conditions for the press in attendance were:

DO NOT ask questions involving "substantive facts" about their daughter's murder
DO NOT inquire about the Ramsey's long-awaited interrogations by police
DO NOT talk to, interview, or identify the Ramsey attorneys standing at the back of the room
DO NOT disclose the location of the interview

The reporters were instructed to be in Boulder by 10A.M. at which time they would receive calls on cell phones with the secret location, as well as the password for entry into the side entrance of the hotel. The password was "subtract."

Patsy Ramsey states she believes there are "at least two people" who know who killed JonBenét.

John Ramsey states his sole mission in life is to find the killer.

Patsy Ramsey states that JonBenét's pageantry life was "only a few Sunday afternoons."

Patsy Ramsey states they are "very willing to cooperate" with the authorities.

Patsy Ramsey states she "talks to JonBenét" often and that it "won't be long" until they see each other.

Roy Black states he believes the Ramsey attorneys must believe them to be innocent in order to agree to allow them to be interviewed at such great lengths.

May 8, 1997

Morgue at Boulder County Community Hospital reported to police that two pages of the morgue's log book covering the period of late December 1996 and early January 1997 were ripped out. One of these pages contained the entry when JonBenét's body was brought to the morgue, as well as when the body was released and to whom.

Greg McCrary states that he does not know of a single case where a child was murdered to "get back at another adult."

May 10, 1997

Reports surface that the Ramseys have purchased a new ad to be run in the paper. The new ad suggests that a man may have been following young children around Christmastime when their daughter was murdered.

Larry Wieda, president of the Crime Stoppers International, spoke out against the ad.

Durgin scoffed at this ad and called it a public relations ploy.

May 12, 1997

Hunter states that his office developed the information supporting the Ramsey ad about the man approaching children. This man was allegedly seen in Boulder about the same time as the murder.

Meyer asked the district court to extend a seal on parts of the autopsy until "charges have been filed or the investigation has been closed."

May 13, 1997

DNA results from samples sent to Cellmark reportedly are complete and in Boulder authorities hands.

Spence states he believes this case will go to trial. He says it "won't take much to convict".

Linda Arndt is relieved as lead detective in Ramsey case and reassigned elsewhere.

May 14, 1997

Koby states an arrest is a long way off.

Koby re-stated that the public need not fear a stalker among the children.

Report surfaces that Kim Ballard had an affair with John Ramsey from Aug 94 - Apr 95 (per Kim Ballard). Ballard claims Ramsey posted an ad that she answered. She claimed he was "very specific about how she was to look."

Geraldo states that "there will be a bombshell of information tomorrow."

May 15, 1997

Geraldo did not report a "bombshell" this date. Much speculation about why he apparently backed away from this information flew rapidly around the various internet forums, with no clear answer as to what happened to him.

Patsy reportedly was prepared to give the 5th handwriting sample on this date, but authorities could not accommodate her

it is reported that Kim Ballard refused to talk to Boulder cops.

May 16, 1997

Haddon states he wants a copy of the DNA results

May 20, 1997

Patsy Ramsey was reported to have provided the 5th requested handwriting sample

May 21, 1997

Meyer appealed to the Colorado Court of Appeals to prevent release of more autopsy report information.

May 22, 1997

James Thompson was arrested on suspicion of stealing pages from the morgue logbook. He was arrested for investigation of theft and criminal mischief.

Thompson reportedly faced 5 counts of corpse abuse, with a scheduled hearing on June 18.

Boulder Police purchased the Boulder Army Store's entire stock of Stansport white nylon cord

May 23, 1997

Dr Krugman states that when a 6yo dies of head injuries and strangulation, it's a matter of abuse. He further states that the majority of abuse deaths are to infants (in this country).

Krugman stated that he reviewed JonBenet's medical records AND her autopsy. he said the results are clearly an abuse case. When pressed if there was a "history of abuse" Krugman stated that he was not suggesting that at all and would only state again "this is an abused child". He was asked if the abuse to JonBenet represented injuries received that day. Krugman responded by stating that he doesn't know if she was ever sexually abused and that some children can be sexually abused without physical findings, then others can have physical abuse and no sexual abuse.

Krugman was asked if he believed the killer would be found. he stated he did not know that he was only called in as a child abuse expert.

Krugman was asked if Burke Ramsey could be involved. Krugman stated that in his opinion he did not believe that what was going on here implicated Burke.

When asked about abuse cases, Krugman stated that most cases of abuse come about from explosions of rage where an adult "loses it."

Krugman was asked if he believed it possible that the parents were working together on this and Krugman stated that there were certainly cases like that in this country (and would not answer directly otherwise).

Roy Black states he believes the police and DA have no idea who committed the crime.

May 24, 1997

Darnay Hoffman sends a letter to Alex Hunter.

May 28, 1997

Police union votes 78 to 31 that they have no confidence in Koby's leadership as Chief of Police.

June 6, 1997

The Ramseys are reportedly close to purchasing a house in Atlanta.

Ramseys leave for Michigan for a summer-long vacation.

June 7, 1997

Report surfaces that the police detectives have refused to share the DNA results with the DA's office.

Mason reportedly will sue John Eller of causing Mason significant "reputational injuries" and making a false complaint against him with "willful, wanton and reckless disregard" for the consequences on Mason's family.

Approximately at 1A.M. there was an illegal tap into the compute war room.

June 13, 1997

Concern surfaced that the "tap" on Jun 7 may have yielded the person copies of sensitive Ramsey info. While police have paper copies, they now will have to compare these to the electronic copies for any evidence of tampering.

June 14, 1997

CBI Director Whiteside stated he has assigned a supervisor and three agents to investigate the war room "tapping incident."

Aaholm stated the computer was not networked so hackers are not involved.

June 16, 1997

It is revealed that investigators wish to search the Boulder home yet again.

Meyer asks the Colorado Court of Appeals to reconsider its decision to open the entire autopsy.

June 17, 1997

Ramseys agree to a new search of their home.

June 18, 1997

It is reported that since the murder officials have supplied the Ramseys and their lawyers with the following:
Police reports recounting the family's behavior the day of the homicide
Extremely clear copies of the handwritten ransom note
Portions of the autopsy report
Access to the ligature that was looped on the wrist
Search warrant facts concerning the Ramsey's Boulder and Charlevoix homes

Legal experts have stated investigators don't typically supply a victim's parents with police reports before filing charges against a suspect.

June 19, 1997

James Curtis states the Attorney General needs to step into this case.

Victoria Toensing states that it definitely needs to be turned over to the AG.