May 1, 1999

Carol McKinley reports that the "case is solved, and that a decision on possible indictments might be handed down by Mother's Day."

May 2, 1999

It is reported that the Ramseys do not have to wait on an invitation from the Grand Jury; they may petition the Grand Jury to testify before them. NO indications are, however, that they have tried to put this law into effect for themselves.

May 7, 1999

It is reported that additional DNA samples are being taken, possibly at the request of the Grand Jurors. Speculation has it that it is believed the goal is to eliminate as many people as possible as the source of unmatched DNA.

May 11, 1999

Carol McKinley reports that John and Patsy's outer circle of friends are being tested for DNA. They are considered social friends, not necessarily close friends.

There was NO Grand Jury meeting today.

Carol M reports that the Grand Jury has been meeting only ˝ day a week for the last 3 weeks.

Dan Abrams reports that the Grand Jury will probably finish up in June.

RMN reports that Det Gosage contacted the Univ of Co to determine what type of art materials were used in their art classes. Attempt was made to see if any of the items required matched any of the items used in the murder. The class materials list did not include duct tape or rope, but it did include a half-inch medium-sized bamboo brush.

May 12, 1999

The possibility that the current "delay" in action in the case to be due to the DA's office drafting an indictment form, or a report explaining why there is no indictment, had doubts cast upon it by Law Professor William Pizzi. Pizzi explained that it would not take that long to write a draft. Much speculation at this point reportedly is due to the further investigation with respect to the DNA found in JonBenét's underwear and under her fingernails.

MSNBC was seen pitching a tent in front of the Justice Center and interviewing various legal analysts about the investigation's conclusion.

In addition, other national media have been bringing in large satellite trucks in preparation for a possible upcoming decision.

May 13, 1999

Attorneys for the Ramseys make a public statement denying the tabloid report begun by "Star" which claims them to be negotiating a settlement to end the investigation ("Star" quoted anonymous sources with its paper this week claiming that settlement talks are underway in wake of new suspicions that Burke Ramsey might be involved in the murder)

Bryan Morgan was quoted as saying the report in "Star" is false, but would not comment any further on the tabloid's report.

As a side note: Burke Ramsey, under Colorado Law, cannot be charged in connection with the slaying because of his age at the time of the murder.

The "Star" report was summarized in the New York Post, which resulted in a flurry of media inquiries to the DA Office in Boulder, as well as to the Ramsey attorneys.

Suzanne Laurion was also quoted as saying reports of "plea negotiations" are completely false. She, as with Mr Morgan, made no other comments with respect to the findings noted in the "Star" report.

May 14, 1999

New York Post, Tracy Connor, reports that the Ramsey parents could face up to six years in prison if they tried to cover up the circumstances of their daughter's death.

May 15, 1999

"Official" announcement made of Leslie Aaholms' retirment--May 31, 1999 ("official" in that a huge article hit the Boulder News this date for discussion of Leslie and her accomplishments.)

May 18, 1999


- Lisa Ryckman states that no family members have testified so far to the best of our knowledge.

- Lisa Ryckman states her belief that "they're (GJ) are not going to wrap up until they have heard from the Ramsey parents.

Bill Ritter explains for Ryckman-and others like her-that both Ramsey parents had already been interviewed at length by investigators, videotpaes and audiotapes were made of these interviews, and that in situations such as this, it is not always necessary to hear from the witness who has made a video or audio tape (as in this case); in addition, he carefully pointed out that, contrary to Ryckman's statement that they 'had not been heard from', they definitely had via this interview session with them. And finally, Ritter pointed out that grand juries have the ability to subpoena the people that want to hear from and those that they don't want to hear from are not sent subpoenas.

- Dr Lee was asked if he expected to be called to testify and he stated he had no idea.

- Bill Ritter was asked if he felt the case was going to wind up soon and he stated that he did not have a sense that it was

-Dr Lee was asked if he could pinpoint JonBenét's death and he stated that it was pretty difficult to pinpoint

- Dr Lee was asked if he could tell whether JonBenét was choked or hit first or whether it was both that killed her, and he stated "No we can't tell you that."

- Dr Lee was asked to confirm or deny if she had blood or DNA under her fingernails, and his answer was that some material was found under the fingernails, but that as to the result so far, they have not looked at the whole picture yet.

-Tracy was able to state publicly, once again, his belief that the Ramseys have been "publicly lynched."


The Grand Jury did not meet today

Grant stated his optimistic hope, once again, that the GJ would hopefully end their work later this month

May 19, 1999

Burke Ramsey testifies before the Grand Jury

AP reports that "Burke is not a suspect,'' per Suzanne Laurion. There was no press release stating that he has been cleared, only reiteration of previous statements by Commander Beckner, that he is "not a suspect".

May 21, 1999

Denver Post reports that police do not nor have ever considered Burke to be a suspect.

May 24, 1999


April Zesbaugh stated her opinion that the inconsistencies with the Ramsey statements - such as the lie about Burke being asleep all night, and the fact that a neighbor heard a scream but neither the parents or Burke did - seem to indicate a need to talk to the Parents before the GJ.

Zesbaugh also stated that Jenkins (Burke's attorney), was trying to convince the DA not to pursue Burke.

Dr Wecht stated, once again, that the coroner's failure to appear at the crime scene as soon as the body was found, was critical in not being able to closely pinpoint the TOD. Dr Wecht explained that the first 12hours after death certain factors are significant in determining this TOD. His examples were: rigor mortis, body stiffening, levor (ph) mortis, settling of blood, algor (ph) mortis, body temperature taken, core temperature through the liver or high in the rectum, withdrawal of fluid from the back of the eye-the vitreous humor-all are critical in TOD pinpointing. Dr Wecht stated that the coroner's arrival at 8:20 PM that night (some 7hours after the body was found), made the margin of error too great to make any of these indices of any relevance.

Dr Wecht also stated, once again, his opinion that JonBenét was hit on the head as her second major injury, not first. He explains that the "paucity of blood is entirely too inconsistent with a blow to the nature and severity being inflicted when the person is alive with full circulation, and that you would have more eking out than 7ccs. It is his opinion that the asphyxiation occurred mediated through a vegal reflex, the nerve that comes down from the brain and controls the heart and lungs. He explained that pressure applied to this nerve can make the heart beat erratically, arhythmically, and then that can move into ventricular fibrillation, cardiac arrest, and death.

Lefcourt pointed out that any time you have a major disagreement between experts (ex in this case, head blow first or last), that is is something the defense can use to help prove there is reasonable doubt.

Silverman stated he believes the GJ will call the Ramsey parents as the last witnesses.

Lefcourt stated that he believes the lawyers are getting ready for an indictment and trial.

May 25, 1999

Grand Jurors gathered at the Justice Center, but no more than 8 jurors were ever seen at any point. Michael Kane was reportedly not seen. Prosecutors were seen carrying boxes into the courtroom, but spent very little time inside.

May 26, 1999

Denver Post reports that Burke Ramsey went before the Grand Jury as a result of a subpoena.

Denver Post also reports that the questions asked of Burke Ramsey came from the jurors.

Rocky Mountain News reports that the Grand Jury is probably three weeks away from being done. This based on Bob Grant's remark that Bruce Levin indicated it would take that much longer.

RMN reiterates that the county granted Hunter an additional $62,001 supplemental funding to last until end of June, and no one ever believed it would take that long to complete the investigation with the GJ.

May 30, 1999

Official reports circulate that the Ramseys have been given a copy of the 911 tape which is said to reflect Burke Ramsey's voice.

It is reported that Burke's attorney had requested a copy of this tape, received a "bad" copy, and requested another copy.

Much discussion has resulted from this about the fact the Ramsey parents clearly lying about Burke being awake or asleep during the time of the 911 call.

Speculation continues to abound about the Ramsey parents appearing or not appearing before the Grand Jury.

June 4, 1999

A truck is spotted at the Ramsey house, moving boxes and furniture out.

Journalist reports seeing the Ramseys during his lunch break in a parking lot of a drug store, seeing them review and sign legal documents (report per RMN)

June 8, 1999

Boulder County authorities say the grand jury has enough funding to work through the end of July (per the RMN)

Three journalists who have participated in the stakeout of the Ramseys since the media focus intensified with impending arrest information, stated this date that the Ramseys have not been spotted at their Vinings home since May 26.

June 9, 1999

RMN reports that the Ramseys have moved out of their Vinings home; supposedly claiming they can't go home without someone with a camera following them.

RMN also states, in writing "The Ramseys are suspects in the beating and strangling death of their daughter."

Denver Post reports that "John and Patsy have moved again."

Denver Post also reports that the family supposedly moved to another home in the Atlanta area to escape what the friends called harassment by the media.

Denver Post reiterates the fact that the Grand Jury has not met for two weeks. Sources say the jurors could be waiting for the results of tests on additional DNA samples, which were collected from family friends several weeks ago.

Pam Paugh publicly denied the reports about the Ramseys moving, leaving for another country, getting divorced. She stated they were simply cleaning out their house. Reportedly (per Paugh) they are just now getting rid of some unneeded items.

Reportedly there is a budget surplus somewhere in the neighborhood of $15K which will be used to carry the investigation on into the month of July.

June 10, 1999


--that the Ramseys have rented a condo in a gated community (under an assumed name).

--that the Ramseys have basically "gone into seclusion."

--that an Atlanta photographer recognized the Ramseys at a restaurant, and saw them leave their own personal vehicle, and climb inside a Suburban to sign what appeared to be "legal documents."

--that Brian Morgan spent 3 days with the Ramseys the first week of June; word has it that Morgan was likely there discussing their options about whether to appear before the Grand Jury without a subpoena or not

--that (per Boyles' sources) the Ramseys will not be brought before the Grand Jury via subpoena

--that Patsy is a nervous wreck on a victim role of "why are they doing this to me"?

--that Patsy is reportedly heavily medicated these days

--that Patsy expects to be indicted, and is still claiming "the real killer is out there."

--that the Ramsey lawyers are not "sugar coating" anything from them

--that Kane is going to get them


Channel 4 in Denver reports that the stories about the Ramseys moving out of their home are not true; per the Aunt Pam, they are only doing Spring House Cleaning

June 19, 1999

Report surfaces that investigators are trying to find out if Patsy Ramsey used diet pills. Supposedly the issue is whether she consumed a diet suppressant that contained ephedrine. A former family employee was questioned.

Gregg McCrary explained that abuse of diet aids can have extreme consequences. Examples he gave are that the person is running at high speed and stays awake, has hyperactivity, doesn't sleep, gets depressed, and there can be an increased amount of violence with the hyperactivity

June 23, 1999

Word seeps into the media community that Boulder is "preparing" for the Grand Jury's assigned media parking spaces, and renting portable toilets.

Denver Post reports that Commander Beckner is supposed to give a statement after 'DA' Hunter makes his speech about indictment or no indictment.

Reportedly somewhere around 200 journalists are expected to descend upon Boulder for the "famous" announcement---these from Japan, Paris, and even Great Britain

June 24, 1999

A report surfaces that a "family friend of the Ramseys" claims that swabs from two adults and two children in one extended family were taken for DNA testing

Reminder: The Grand Jury has not met since May 25, 1999

June 26, 1999

A private detective from Denver --- James Rapp --- and his wife --- Regana Rapp --- were indicted by a grand jury. They supposedly provided a stream of confidential information to the tabloid press on the Ramsey investigation. They allegedly used subterfuge to get things such as unlisted phone numbers and home addresses and bank records as well as credit card bills.

In the Ramsey case, Ramsey credit card bills, phone number of a Boulder detective, and cellular phone records of a private investigator hired by the Ramsey lawyers to work the case, all were supposedly a part of the indictment against the Rapps.

FTC has a charge against the Rapps that they obtained information through a practice known as "pretexting."

The possibility that some of their clients might be indicted was also reported.

June 27, 1999

"Presumed Guilty" hits the press. Book reviews are not very good, as the author offers up very much theory without any evidence to support it. It has been referred to as a book that relies on 'hunch'. His book has also been referred to as "tabloid trash." His theory reportedly revolves around the "theory" that JonBenet was removed from her home for a provocative photo session and that "something went wrong." [all statements based on printed book reviews; this Truthline author has not read the book]

June 28, 1999

James and Regana Rapp gave themselves up to authorities

June 29, 1999

It is reported that the additional DNA evidence taken from Ramsey friends and family of recent weeks, has been analyzed and cataloged with the other evidence. Per Bob Grant, it is wrong to assume the case is being held up for DNA testing, and wrong to assume that there won't be additional testing.

Cdr Beckner stated he did not know when the investigation would end. He also stated that 4 detectives are still working the case; "We still have work to do" he said.