[Darnay Hoffman letter to Erin Moriary; Source = Websleuths Forum]

Oct 20, 2002

Dear Erin Moriarty:

As an attorney, I am not a stranger to controversial or unpopular clients or cases. In fact, I was responsible for NBC's Dateline winning the 1996 News Emmy for Best Newsmaker Interview for their program on Subway Gunman Bernie Goetz.

As Bernie's lawyer, I was instrumental in arranging his first-ever national television interview for Stone Phillips, in what was an honest, though at times unflattering, program about him.

In all honesty, I was embarrassed for CBS by the way in which 48 Hours Investigates sucked up to the Ramseys to do your program. I would have thought that the storm of controversy surrounding Barbara Walter's "soft ball" interview with the Ramseys, in which the Governor of Colorado, no less, criticised Ms. Walter's for her lack of objectivity, would have acted as a sufficient Cautionary Tale to other networks to avoid "hugging" suspected child killers in public and on-the-air.

Now, I realize that it is sometimes necessary to "suck-up-to-a-source" in order to get them to agree to an interview, but a network that has a proud tradition of Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, and 60 Minutes deserved something better than a Ramsey "Infomercial."

Moreover, I happen to know for a fact that a copy of Gideon Epstein's deposition was available to you on (another forum head's name redacted) website, provided to her by the Ramseys.

And yet, you seemed to have ignored mentioning Epstein's conclusions to your viewers, in what, apparently, was an attempt to avoid offending the Ramseys, who, it appears, exercised considerable editorial control over your program, if only indirectly.

Obviously, the "intruder/stun gun" theory of Lou Smit's won't fly if Patsy Ramsey is the author of the ransom note. But that embarassing fact was left out of 48 Hours Investigates.

Smit, by the way, has refused my offer to show him the handwriting evidence of Gideon Epstein, despite his claims of being "objective."

Apparently, Smit, like CBS, doesn't want to be confused by the facts.


Darnay Hoffman