[This 'Letter to the Editor' provided courtesy BoulderNews; date = October 25, 2000]


Alex Hunter's legacy is one to be proud of

In the District Attorney race, Republican candidate David Sanderson's theme is simple: Alex Hunter was in office for 28 years and nearly everything connected to him has to go. His shallow suggestion that this office has been nothing but failure is not only wrong, but it is an insult to the people of Boulder County, who have supported Alex and his programs for seven elections.

Alex hired good people and encouraged them to develop many innovative programs, which have been justly recognized and followed statewide and nationally. His people developed effective approaches to victim/witness assistance, restitution collection, consumer protection, domestic violence prosecution and sexual assault prosecution. They have handled the public's work effectively, diligently, efficiently, and with imagination.

Mary Keenan has been a hard working, creative, and successful prosecutor in the office for 15 years. I am proud to have worked with her and with the many other conscientious people in the office and we are proud of what we have accomplished.

That said, many of us knew that there was a need for change and improvement, and we were glad that Mary stepped forward a year ago and announced her intention to run, even if that meant opposing Alex.

Mary offers you an experienced basis for implementing change. Criminal law, like many professions, is a difficult speciality. Mary has lived criminal law for 15 years and she knows it thoroughly. She knows the court room. She knows the police. She knows the justice system. She knows the people. She knows how to work with the people and agencies involved to improve law enforcement and criminal prosecution.

If you want to build on a strong foundation to build a better future for criminal prosecution, you should vote for Mary Keenan for District Attorney.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Boulder