November 2, 2000

Dave Sanderson wrote to the Longmount Daily Times:

Dave Sanderson Letter

November 4, 2000

Fleet White endorses Dave Sanderson:

Fleet White Letter to Editor

November 8, 2000

Results of the election with respect to Boulder County DA were as follows:

As of: 11/08/00 at 03:01 am

DISTRICT ATTORNEY:284 / 284 / 100.0%

DAVE SANDERSON / REP / 55972 / 43.6% MARY KEENAN / DEM / 72357 / 56.4%

November 9, 2000

Hunter speaks in glowing terms of Keenan's win. He stated he believes she will make a "wonderful DA".

Hunter also said that he and Keenan think a lot alike on a lot of things.

Hunter has offered Keenan his availability on the Ramsey case if Keenan needs it.

Keenan has said she will personally review the status of the Ramsey murder investigation and look for clues to what the office did wrong and did right in the investigation.

Hunter stated, again, that they decided as a group that the evidence in the Ramsey case was insufficient to press charges at this time.

The case against Craig Lewis is settled. Reportedly Tabloid "Globe" will give the CU journalism school $100,000 to teach ethics in a deal to get criminal bribery charges dropped against Lewis.

CU journalism professor Len Ackland said faculty members laughed when they learned of the donation.

Stewart Hoover, interim dean of CU's School of Journalism and Mass Communication, said the money will be invested through the school's endowment and is expected to generate about $4,000 a year for additional speakers or other enhancements.

A portion of the "Globe" statement read as follows:

"Globe International Inc. has agreed to publicly admit that conduct in the indictment was wrong, and to donate a sum of money to the University of Colorado School of Journalism"...."The newsgathering practices described in the indictment were the result of attempts to obtain newsworthy information concerning the Ramsey homicide. Whether this conduct violated the laws of the state of Colorado has not yet been determined."

November 12, 2000

Beckner is quoted as saying that he is happy to see there will be some changes in the DA's office (this with respect to Keenan's win) and pledged strong support for her from his department.

Beckner also admitted to voting for Keenan in the election.

Keenan has stated that she will use the next 2 - 6 months for a "period of creativity" to gather input about what changes are needed.

Keenan reportedly has hired a consultant and put together an eight-person transition team of employees from different parts of the office to help her.

Right off, Keenan has to deal with the news that the Boulder County commissioners will not be giving a 2 percent operating budget increases to county offices.

Keenan's salary has to be resolved. She currently is reportedly making $78,863/year, but the min salary set by the state is $53,600. [NOTE: Hunter's salary is $102,500 and Bill Wise makes $107,080]

Keenan claims she wants to the use the salary from Wise's salary (he is retiring soon) to help pay for lower level employees.

With respect to the Ramsey case, Hunter says it likely won't be a big issue for Keenan anyway. Hunter says: "The bottom line is there is insufficient evidence to file charges."

November 14, 2000

Steve Thomas appears in chat at

Steve Thomas Chat, Nov 14 2000

November 20, 2000

Commander Beckner announces that the boots belonging to the infamous "bootman" are not connected to the Ramsey case.

Beckner stated "the boots do not match" (the boot print found near JonBenét's body). Beckner also stated that based on interviews and tests police have concluded that this man was in no way connected to the murder.

Ollie Gray (the private investigator who gave the boots to Beckner) stated that he talked to Beckner about the tests but is not convinced. Gray wants to know if the hair and fibers in the boots were compared.

It was also revealed that Hunter signed an affidavit some time last month for the Ramseys' attorney stating that Burke Ramsey was never a suspect in the case.

November 26, 2000

Lin Wood asks that the new DA, Mary Keenan, publicly say the investigative efforts have been exhausted and there is insufficient evidence to bring charges.

Beckner says Keenan won't be able to make such a statement before she reviews the case.

Kane has stated that he does not know what his role will be with the Ramsey case, now that Keenan is to be in charge.

Keenan said she thinks that the law prevents Kane from serving as a prosecutor on the case while he runs a private practice. While stepping down from the private practice can be done in the face of a procecution, Kane says stepping down from the private practice becomes harder to do as his practice grows.

Keenan called Kane a "good prosecutor" and a "really valuable asset to the case" and did not rule out using him as a consultant

Keenan reportedly will keep Bruce Levin and Mitch Morrissey on the case.

December 15, 2000

Hunter and Wise are given a farewell party by their friends. The party was put together by Hunter's office assistant, Susan Ingraham.

Prosecutors, judges, defense attorneys and county employees expressed their appreciation for their services.

Reportedly, when Hunter entered the room he was given a standing ovation of approximately 150 people (it is not clear if the ovation was jubilation that he is leaving).

It is also reported that county officials dedicated a courtyard at the Boulder County Justice Center in Hunter's name.

Those in attendance at the party included Chief District Judge Roxanne Bailin, Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner, Boulder County Sheriff George Epp , Jefferson County District Attorney Dave Thomas, Larimer County District Attorney Stu VanMeveren and Denver Public Safety Manager Ari Zavaras.

Prosecutor Mary Keenan, who will replace Hunter in January, grabbed Hunter's hand and lifted their arms together in victory. It is not clear if the victory response was because they had successfully pushed the Ramsey case under the rug or victory that Keenan slipped in to continue the Hunter legacy. Or perhaps both.

Beckner was quoted as saying he was sorry to see Hunter go.

December 19, 2000

The JonBenet Ramsey Children's Foundation is reported as a fund-raising flop, according to their 1997, 1998 and 1999 tax returns. The supposed theme of this foundation was to "raise money for children's education and care" and to protect against "the victimization of children."

Children's Foundation Tax Returns

December 24, 2000

Keenan promise to review the unsolved cases in the county.

Dave Sanderson says Keenan is a Hunter clone, and that Hunter "somehow found a way to take over her body."

Wood says he hopes Keenan doesn't feel pressure to to charge his clients.

December 26, 2000

Four years ago today, JonBenet was found murdered in her home.

Keenan goes on record by telling her associates that the Ramsey case may never be solved. She makes it clear that the case likely will remain a mystery.

Tips and inquiries about the case have virtually stopped, according to Beckner.

Beckner claims lab work is still being done on evidence but he refused to elaborate.

Wood vows that the year 2001 will be the "year for the Ramseys" as he will aggressively pursue other lawsuits. Steve Thomas is one he will sue, he statd.

Wood wants the Boulder County Sheriff's department to look into the case to look for an intruder.

Keenan continues her statement of: "I am not going to communicate anything to attorneys through the media".

It is reported that someone left a Christmas card for JonBenet at her home in Boulder where she was murdered.

December 28, 2000

Keenan was scheduled to attend DA School this date. She cancelled due to family plans.

Supposedly these classes are to help new DA's with no prior DA experience, help with budget and personnel issues. December 29, 2000

Keenan will attend today's session of DA School. The session is to be held at the Pueblo Country Club.