November 18, 2002

Kane started a new job as deputy secretary for enforcement in the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue (the same post he held before he went to Boulder to help weenie Alex Hunter)

November 19, 2002

RMN reports that the DNA in JonBenet's underwear could have come from the factory from which they were made. In exploring that theory, investigators obtained unopened "control" samples of identical underwear manufactured at the same plant in Southeast Asia, tested them and found human DNA in some of those new, unused pairs of underwear.

November 28, 2002

A confidant of the Ramseys, internet named "jameson", it was reported today betrayed JonBenet Ramsey in hypocrite style by selling a transcript from an April 1997 police interrogation of the Ramseys, videotapes of a June 1998 police interrogation and handwriting samples from Patsy Ramsey to the National Enquirer tabloid. No explanation for accepting the money was given short of a lame claiming "she'd put a lot into this case" in the past. Wood, the Ramsey attorney, recognized it for what it was:an act of personal greed.

December 6, 2002

Dan Abrams reports on this "new" DNA information from Beckner's deposition.

December 20, 2002

Keenan reportedly to begin a new and aggressive review of the Ramsey case.

Keenan writes a wimpy letter to Lin Wood reference the case.

December 24, 2002

Wood reports the Ramsey clan is happy about Keenan's latest decision about the case.

Ressler reports the case will never be solved, in his opinion, without new evidence or a death bed confession. He also expressed the opinion that a stranger broke into the home and killed JonBenet as well as doubts that a family member killed her. He intimated that others in the home that night may have been responsible.