November 3, 1997

Denver Post reports the sale of Access Graphics to General Electric Co. This sale is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

November 10, 1997

RMN reports that 6 windows were unlocked and 1 door was unlocked the day JonBenét was found.

John Van Tassel, a forensic knot analyst, arrived in Boulder to study the knots and ligature materials used in the crime

November 12, 1997

Thomas Miller submits a letter to Darnay Hoffman on his analysis of the Ransom Note. Miller concludes that Patsy is the author.

Miller's Analysis

November 14, 1997

Cina Wong submits her analysis of the ransom note handwriting to Mr Hoffman.

Wong's Handwriting Analysis

November 16, 1997

John Van Tassel completed his work and returned to Vancouver

November 19, 1997

Darnay Hoffman sued DA Hunter in District Court in an attempt to force Hunter to file charges in the Ramsey case.

Hoffman charges that Patsy Ramsey is the ransom note author.

Hoffman charges that Hunter or someone from Hunter's office allowed unauthorized access to the investigator'' computers.

November 22, 1997

Michigan search warrant reflects that CBI handwriting expert found evidence that the ransom note "may have been written by Patsy"

It was repeated that handwriting analyses reveal that John Ramsey did not write the ransom note, it was probably that Burke Ramsey did not write the note and possible that Patsy Ramsey did write the note.

November 26, 1997

David Liebman does submits a handwriting report on the Ransom Note to Darnay Hoffman. He concludes that Patsy is the ransom note writer and states that in his opinion there is a 90-95% probability that she is the writer.

Liebman's Analysis

December ?, 1997

Ramseys release a "Christmas Letter."

1997 Christmas Letter

December 1, 1997

Hunter denies he will ask for Grand Jury "soon."

December 2, 1997

AG Gale Norton stated the AG's office could enter the Ramsey case only if Boulder DA seeks the death penalty against a suspect.

December 5, 1997

Commander Beckner holds a press conference and states:

72 task items exist, 28 that have been completed
have reviewed close to 200 videotapes take from the Ramsey house
have completed a review of the computer files taken from the Ramsey house
have completed a review of all trace evidence gathered in the case and have identified further testing that is required.
reinterviewing of other signficant witnesses and neighbors is required
collection and analysis of additional evidentiary items is required
completion of all forensic analysis is required
reinterviewing of the parents as well as Burke is required
a formal request for these interviews has been made
not ready to officially name suspects, but the parents remain under the umbrella of suspicion
at this time treating Burke as a witness
believes this case will be solved
stated have other tests want to do on some of the evidence

Former federal prosecutor Michael Zeldin states being under an umbrella of suspicion is the same thing as being called a suspect and that they are the primary suspects. He says the use of this expression is "doublespeak."

Ciolino states that traditionally cases that aren't solved at least within 30 days are never solved.

December 10, 1997

Report shows that police have recovered a number of shoe prints and impressions from inside and outside the home of the Ramseys.

Reportedly police are asking about Hi-Tec boots and SAS shoes

Ramsey sources claim noone in the Ramsey family owns either type of boot that cops are asking about

Boulder County Daily Camera deactivates Krupski's key card to prevent her from entering the building

December 16, 1997

Margaret Dillon was questioned about whether she owned duct tape, nylon cord, or a stun gun. This was her first interview (she is a neighbor who lived behind the Boulder home)

McCrary gave an example of where an incestuous relationship had been going on and the child threatened to tell and an accidental homicide resulted

McCrary states the note was part of staging

Ryckman states the reason there is no grave marker yet is because the family fears it would be desecrated

December 18, 1997

Fleet White met with Gov Romer urging him to remove Hunter from the case

December 19, 1997

Pat Furman states that no member of the Ramsey family owns a stun gun

Furman states that the stun gun info indicates that the crime was "committed by an outsider"

December 21, 1997

Joel Ripmaster of Colorado Landmark Realtors states the Ramsey Boulder home is set to go on the market soon.

Dr Stratbucker, an expert on stun-gun wounds, reports that two abrasions on JonBenét's back could have come from a stun gun; lack of additional information prevented him from stating this conclusively (info such as space between the marks)

Family representatives claim that neighbors have been questioned about stun guns

December 29, 1997

Dr Krugman, child abuse expert, is interviewed on Burden of Proof.

Transcript with Krugman