November 7, 1998

Reports surface that a flashlight was believed to be the weapon used to strike JonBenét on the head

There were no fingerprints or residue on the flashlight or its batteries

November 12, 1998

A representative of Stevens Aviation at the Jefferson County Airport in Broomfield, delivered subpoenaed documents from the private hangar where Ramsey stored his airplane.

November 20, 1998

Stephen Miles was ordered Friday to undergo a psychological examination to determine if he could be a pedophile.

The judge also ruled that Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner and Detective Jane Harmer must answer questions posed by Miles' attorney.

November 23, 1998

Darnay Hoffman sends a letter to Governor-elect Bill Owens.

Letter to Owens

December 3, 1998

Fox News reports that there is new DNA evidence from the crime scene that is still unexplained

Fingerprints, handprints, and DNA samples have been requested from Patsy Ramsey's two sisters, one brother in law, and the maternal grandparents

Transcript of Fox Show

December 7, 1998

GBI Agents arrived at the home of JonBenet's maternal grandparents Monday evening to collect DNA samples, as well as palm prints and finger prints from 5 family members (Patsy's 2 sisters, her parents, and one brother in law)

December 11, 1998

Frank Coffman, while trying to take pictures of Bynum, John Ramsey, and John Andrew Ramsey exiting Pasta Jay's restaurant, is assaulted by an angry John Ramsey.

December 16, 1998

Julie Hayden gives a report on Prior Sexual Abuse.

Julie Hayden's Report

December 24, 1998

It is reported that the Rue Morgue Mystery Bookshop in Boulder was given a subpoena to look at records of John and Patsy Ramsey's purchases. The owner, Tom Schantz, was reported to have told the Grand Jury that he could not help them---citing that the Ramseys were not in his database.

Rumors surface that the Ramseys have agreed to appear before the Grand Jury.

December 25, 1998

Information continues to surface that the Ramseys are to appear before the Grand Jury in January, after the Grand Jury reconvenes for the new year.

Scott Robinson states he will be shocked if no indictment is reached. He believes both Patsy and John will face criminal charges, Patsy being indicted for murder and John as co-conspirator.

Robinson believes there will be swift action in 1999 when the GJ resumes.

Craig Silverman believes another year will pass before a decision is reached. He stated that they currently have probable cause against Patsy Ramsey as an accessory.

December 28, 1998

Peter Boyles show discusses the grand jury.

Dr Wecht tells a Pittsburgh radio station that JonBenét was killed by John Ramsey, with Patsy Ramsey participating in the coverup. He stated he believes Patsy wrote the ransom note with her left hand.

Larry King discusses the case.

Larry King Transcript

    Internight, Dec 28 1998
  • Norm Early expressed shock over John Ramsey offering $100K to the killer.
  • Peter Boyles thinks there is a surprise still that we don't know about.
  • Dan Abrams stated that the palm print, hi-tech boot print in the basement, DNA under the fingernails, and sample in the underwear, were all (intruder) aspects of this case that the Ramseys were hanging on to.
  • Norm Early pointed out that all cases have evidence in the case which is "conflicting".
  • Pozner stated a "host of people" had keys to the house.
  • Dan Abrams pointed out that multiple keys only meant someone "could" get in; multiple keys are not evidence of an intruder.
  • Norm Early pointed out that all key holders had been investigated and eliminated as suspects
  • Norm Early pointed out how unfortunate it was for Hunter's office to take 1.5yrs to get aggressive
  • Dan Abrams pointed out that he thought the problem was they don't know "why" she was killed
  • Norm Early stated that there are several who will testify that she was hit first, and that strangulation was a part of the coverup.

December 31, 1998

RMN reports that the Ramsey attorneys "wonder when" the Ramseys will testify before the Grand Jury. Haddon is quoted as to saying he does not know whether, or when, they will be asked before the Grand Jury. Haddon is further quoted that if they are subpoenaed they will show up and testify.

It is reported the Grand Jurors will reconvene from their December break on Tuesday, January 5, 1999.

Bob Grant is quoted as saying he sees that Grand Jury lasting until at least March 1999 smirks at Hunter by claiming that lady justice is likely only still around because she cut a deal with Hunter. also reports that only 7% of Hunter's criminal cases have gone to trial

Tom Koby officially ends his tenure with the city of Boulder.

Koby reportedly sold his Boulder home over the summer and now lives in Lyons.