November 1, 1999

Gov Owens refuses to back down from his harsh words directed at the Ramseys

If they're innocent, they're sure not acting like they are, the governor said during his monthly appearance on KOA radio's "Mike Rosen Show."

He also said he had heard virtually all the evidence' in the case during two meetings between Boulder officials and the task force he named to help him decide on a special prosecutor. He told Rosen the information didn't change his opinion about the case, but it solidified it.

November 5, 1999

Thomas Nelson Publishers announced today that it will publish a book written by the two murder suspects, John and Patsy Ramsey. An official statement as quoted directly from their web site release is here:


November 8, 1999

L. Lin Wood confirmed his hiring by the Ramseys. Wood is going to file lawsuit against THE STAR about a story they carried with respect to saying that Burke Ramsey was the killer.

Dori Ann Hanswrith, The Star's law yer, said she would fight the lawsuit in court if she has to. "If and when it comes to that, The Star will be vindicated," she said.

Several Denver-area attorneys have said that because the Ramseys voluntarily granted videotaped interviews - first to CNN and later to a University of Colorado professor making a film - a court might consider them public figures, which would make winning a libel suit more difficult. Burke, however, probably would not be considered a public figure. So the higher legal standard for winning a libel suit wouldn't apply to him.

November 12, 1999

Kane flies to Conn and meets most of the day with Dr Lee

CBI Authorities seize the diary of an indicted Boulder attorney as potential evidence in the case involving an alleged attempt to buy the Ramsey ransom note.

November 13, 1999

With respect to the Ramsey movie:

The board comments that it is not interested in allowing filming concerning any currently open case, which would only serve to further sensationalize the matter and impede the District Attorney's continuing investigation.

Filming will begin Nov. 28 and continue through early December

Boulder officials' position is that it is an active investigation going on and cannot speak in a movie when they cannot even speak out in the press

The latest unconfirmed rumor has producers courting Ann-Margaret to play Patsy Ramsey's mother, Nedra Paugh, and songwriter Kris Kristofferson to portray Lou Smit.

November 16, 1999

Judge clears the way for Arndt to sue her former employees

Ramseys are interviewed by a Nashville reporter about their book

November 17, 1999

It is confirmed that there is some evidence testing that is being done. Those tests supposedly began before a Boulder grand jury ended its investigation Oct 13

November 18, 1999

CBI Agent Patrick Maroney called Miller's diary potential evidence. A judge is reviewing the diary to see if it's admissible in the cases against Miller and Lewis.

RECAP: Miller met Don Vacca, a handwriting expert and former Denver police officer, on April 1, 1997, in the lower level of Vacca's Jefferson County home. Miller was accompanied by another man - now believed to be Lewis - who was introduced as a representative of a large corporation. That person offered Vacca $30,000 for the note and showed a large, stuffed manila envelope. Vacca had received the note from the Ramsey family, who had obtained a copy from Boulder investigators. Vacca declined and asked the men to leave. The unidentified man called Vacca three days later and left a message. On April 8, 1997, the unidentified man returned to Vacca's home and asked again to purchase a copy of the note. He offered more money and asked that if money wasn't of interest to Mr. Vacca, what would be? the affidavit states. The man was told to leave and as he drove off, Vacca wrote down the car's license plate number. Vacca notified the district attorney's office, which traced the license plate to the Hertz rental-car office at Denver International Airport. Investigators determined Lewis rented the car April 4-9, 1997, the affidavit said. In interviews with the CBI both before and after Miller's indictment, Miller's estranged wife, Michelle Austin, told investigators about the daily diary. Austin, who separated from Miller in April 1996, told investigators that he wrote in his diaries on a daily basis, the affidavit said. Miller, who faces a charge of commercial bribery, is due back in court Dec. 2.

November 19, 1999

The Ramseys appear on Dateline to discuss their book, the case, etc.

Transcript for Show

November 30, 1999

It is reported that Dr. Henry Lee spent the Thanksgiving holiday examining evidence in the unsolved JonBenét Ramsey murder case. Lee was quoted as saying: "I just finished some preliminary examination,'' ..."It's really tedious work. I have to really think about what does it mean. I need a lot of time to think about it.''

Lee would only say what he is looking at is related to the crime scene and that is is considered a piece of physical evidence.

Beckner stated that the evidence Lee was examining was that which was collected early in the investigation, simply re-examining what they currently have

Laurion was quoted as saying they are waiting for some work to be completed by Henry Lee's office

Three Boulder police detectives also are still working on the case.

Ramseys file suit against THE STAR. They are seeking $25million in actual and punitive damages. In a statement by the STAR, they say they will fight the suit and use the libel case as a chance to investigate the killing further.

Wood claims the Ramseys are aware they will be subjected to deposition processing.

Peter Boyles discusses Linda Arndt.

December 3, 1999

Regana Rapp pleaded guilty to racketeering. She received a two-year deferred sentence, and 50 hours of community service.

RECAP: Mrs. Rapp and her husband, James J. Rapp, 39, were indicted in June on two counts each of racketeering for using deceptive practices to obtain phone records, credit card bills and bank records for supermarket weeklies. The Rapps worked as private investigators under company names including DIRTY DEEDS DONE CHEAP and PHANTOM INVESTIGATIONS.

The Star Lawsuit is discussed on Burden of Proof.

Transcript about the Star Suit

December 9, 1999

Julie Hayden and Bruce Jones discuss Linda Arndt.


December 16, 1999

Craig Lewis is indicted for bribery, for allegedly offering money to a handwriting expert for a copy of the Ransom note

December 21, 1999

Peter Boyles interviews Judith.

December 22, 1999

A rumor surfaces that JonBenet was found with feces in her mouth. This information has not been substantiated via regular media outlets as of this date.

December 23, 1999

Judith Buddenbaum, a journalism professor at Co State Univ in Fort Collins, states that she believes the continued fascination with the Ramsey case is that : "We are secretly pleased that the rich and famous do not lead charmed lives"

December 29, 1999

It is reported that Lou Smit is now working for the Ramseys

Carol McKinley report surfaces that Smit took crime scene photos with him to visit the Ramseys the week prior to this

Wise was asked if it was going to be investigated to see if Smit has breeched his contract and he stated that at this time they have no proof that he has done that. However, he did say that charges of breech of contract, violating of confidentiality, but also possibility of interference in terms of the Ramseys could be looked at. The Ramseys could be sued for tried to induce him to violate his confidentiality vows.

Chief Beckner said Smit's helping the Ramseys would be "unethical."

December 30, 1999

Prosecutors are asking for $24,000 to continue investigating the 1996 death of JonBenet Ramsey through March. This request is to be presented to the commissioners on Jan 6

breakout is as follows:
9K for Kane
5K for travel
10K for expert witness consultation fees

Wise reportedly stated that if they don't get the funds approval, that they will try to cover these expenses within their regular budget...but can only cover Kane up through June or July

The request for additional funds has at least one county commissioner questioning whether he will approve any additional funding.

Paul Danish, one of three members who must approve this, stated he felt there was no need if there's no new avenue of investigation. Danish hinted that unless these are other than housekeeping expenses, he would think seriously before allocating any more money to the unsolved murder.