Date = Sep 23, 1998
Source = Panico, Justice Watch Forum

Carol McKinley called me today to say she was sorry she couldn't be at the dinner and thanx for the invite (she had to be out of town).

She gave me some tidbits that she said I could share: Some she has seen enter Justice Hall yesterday or today---

Richenbach (sp?)--he's one of the officers that was at Ram house and noticed that there were no footprints in the snow.

Bob Widson--he's the officer that first noticed the "pry" mark---except Carol says it was not a pry mark, it was later determined that an old lock had previously fallen off.

Rick French--the officer who first searched the house and was told by John that all doors and windows were locked.

Linda Arndt--who was only PD there from 8 am until body was found. She said only people there before body discovery in addition to officials were the Whites and Fernies and the priest.

Carol said they carried little TV sets into Justice Center--probably to show the crime scene.

I told Carol it seemed to me that they're moving pretty fast----she agreed.


One of local TV noon news (( I think) said GJ appears to looking at the case in chronological order, that they're still trying to decide on a schedule that works for everyone, but are expecting to work at least 2 days per week.

I forgot to say that I asked Carol if, when Rick French searched the house, he looked in "the room"--she said she didn't know----so based, on that I think it's safe to assume that it not public information whether or not he did.