[report provided courtesy Ruthee, Justice Watch Forum]

Date of chat = July 31, 1998
Date of report on JW = Aug 1, 1998

ruthee - 01:56pm Aug 1, 1998 MST (#1 of 4)

I got one surprise in Boyles Chat last Thursday. Peter stated that the White's did not serve pineapple on Christmas Day, and that Pineapple was found (on the sink??) and in the fridge.

I know we have all suspected that, and it seemed to be the belief of the police since they took a bowl and spoon into evidence.

I remember someone asking where the bowl and spoon were located, with a suggestion that they may have been located in JBR bedroom. I think it's pretty clear now that they were in the kitchen. I think JBR ate the pineapple in the kitchen or the den area of the house.

Peter also mentioned that in death JBR was not wearing the clothes she wore at the White's Dinner. I have suspected that she did not wear the white sweater, but then it seemed to make sense that she would since it was an ornimented sweater.

I'm very anxious to see the pictures of her on Chirstmas Day. I have the feeling that we will see her with a red turtle neck on. I keep wondering if that turtle neck was chosen because it would cover what I believe was a bruise already present on her neck on Christmas Day.

All Peter would say is that the clothes she was found in were not the same as those worn to the dinner.

I wonder what Fleet thought when he saw what she was wearing when JR found her. He knew what she had on at the dinner, and the parents said they had put her to bed. It may not have dawned on him right away, but I'm sure it crossed his mind later.

I think the note was written in what is referred to as the "small room" in Kitty's work up of the house. That may be an office or "John's Office", I don't know.

The thinking seems to be that the flashlight is a strong contender for the murder weapon. I don't think so. I think it was some type of garden tool and specifically a shovel. I think she was hit with the reverse side of a slight scoop type shovel. I believe the tool was either in the basement or in the garage. I tend to go more with the garage, because of the "green fake grass carpet" that I beleive was near there somewhere.


ruthee - 02:04pm Aug 1, 1998 MST (#2 of 4)

We were talking in chat last evening and I believe it was Kitty who mentioned that PR had an elevator removed from the house and installed a staircase. It suddenly dawned on me, "of course, the reason the house is so chopped up is that a former owner must have rented out rooms." That explains the kitchen and or utility fixtures and appliances placed where one would not expect them.

A portion of the basement may even have been rented out at one time, since I hear there is a shower down there along with sink and toilet.

I'm sure that house floor plan has been changed more than once since it was originally built.

ruthee - 02:21pm Aug 1, 1998 MST (#3 of 4)

The Book.

I don't know if it's true or not but I have read that the book was spotted in crime scene photos taken shortly after the murder was discovered, and the book was not visible in photos taken by the Ramsey team. If that's true, it means that the movers did not take it.

The Ramseys took it when they left, or Patsy's sister took it when she went to the house to pick up some belongings. If her sister did take it....why did she take it. Was she told to retrieve all books at the side of the bed, probably not, if some remained at the time of the Ramsey photos. If some books remained after she left...then she had to have been specifically instructed on which books to pick up.

I think Patsy took the book with her when she left, and I think she took it in her purse.

We can note that Douglas was not their first choice. Was it impossible for them to protest when his name was suggested? If they were going to call on a profiler, you would think that they would think of Douglas first, since Patsy had just been reading his book. Nothing they have done in this case seems "normal".

It seems their every action has to be explained away or excused for some reason.