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Date = Dec 16, 1998]


Boulder Police asked at least three nationally recognized child abuse experts to review this case.

Of these experts two of them firmly concluded that there was evidence of prior sexual abuse prior to the night of the murder, and the third expert stated he could not disagree.

These experts, plus the Boulder authorities do agree that there was prior sexual abuse, they cannot exclude the fact that the killer and molester are the same person and they can't exclude the fact that the killer and the molester are different people.

You're not going to convict someone by proving that they molested the child since you absolutely cannot conclude that the molester is the killer. But they could not conclude how far back this had been going on.

These experts reviewed the autopsy reports, autopsy pictures, and other investigative notes to reach these conclusions. They saw scars inside JonBenét that were of a sexual nature. Some of the scars were somewhat healed others were totally healed.

The three experts are: Dr Krugman, Dr Magglione (St Louis), and Dr McCann (U of C at Davis)

Investigators looked real thoroughly into the issue of sexual abuse and molestation on the parts of all the family members. In the case of John Ramsey they basically said there is nothing there. With Patsy Ramsey they wanted her pediatric records to see if there was anything of the sort in her background.

These experts are going to be talking to the Grand Jury with their information.

They cannot determine whether the injuries that night came before death or whether they came after death.

That with evidence of chronic sexual abuse and evidence of sexual assault that night, common sense indicates this particular event was a prelude to murder.

That common sense also indicates that the possible theory is that she's being sexually assaulted, she screams, and then she's silent.


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New Information in Ramsey Murder Case

7NEWS has new information and some answers, about the possibility of sexual abuse in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case.

7NEWS has learned that at least three child abuse experts, recognized nationally as among the best in their field, were asked to review the evidence in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case.

They met at least once in Boulder and 7NEWS has learned they concluded there was evidence the little girl had been molested on occasions prior to the murder. But sources say that does not necessarily mean the murder was a sex crime.

John and Patsy Ramsey describe JonBenet as a vivacious, cheerful little girl.

But 7NEWS has learned that national child abuse experts and Boulder investigators believe the "picture" of that happy child conceals a darker side, one of sexual abuse.

The autopsy results raised the possibility that JonBenet was sexually injured the night she died.

But 7NEWS has learned investigators think the little girl was being sexually abused... on more than one occasion... before the night of the murder.

7NEWS has learned nationally recognized child abuse experts reviewed the autopsy report, pictures and investigative notes and concluded, "There was evidence of previous sexual molestation.".... and, " ...indications of chronic sexual abuse."... including penetration with an object like a finger.

JonBenet's pediatrician says he never saw any signs of sexual abuse. The Ramseys deny it, as well.

Sources say that while investigators believe there is evidence of prior molestation it does not mean the murder was a sex crime. Sources also say they cannot exclude the possibility that the molester and the killer are the same person. But they also cannot exclude the possibility that the killer and the molester are two different people.

The experts say the autopsy indicates an object....probably part of the paint brush used to strangle JonBenet.... was also used to sexually injure her the night she died.

Sources say it's possible JonBenet was sexually assaulted before she was killed. But they add they cannot exclude the possibility the injury came after death as part of a cover-up of the murder.... and had nothing to do with molestation.

Sources say there are so many variable surrounding this issue of sexual assault.... they hope it's something the grand jury can help sort out.

The grand jury is expected to meet again this week in Boulder.