September 1, 2000

Reportedly the boots from a dead man have been turned over to the BPD for testing. These boots are supposedly the same type of boot which could have made the mysterious, yet to be identified, print beside JonBenet's body. These boots are supposedly a size 8.5.

Supposedly Gray obtained these boots in July of this year.

Beckner claims DNA was taken from the man in 1997 and the DNA does not match that from the crime scene. Gray said police never told him they ruled the person out through DNA.In addition, Gray said he questions which DNA samples from the Ramsey crime scene they used to do the comparison and how thorough their examination was.

Chief Judge Roxanne Bailin appoints Pueblo District Attorney Gus Sandstom to review Fleet White's allegatiosn of criminal libel by the Daily Camera and other media in their coverage of the story with respect to the "Mystery Woman." Sandstom will have to decide if the criminal libel case has enough merit to warrant filing criminal charges

Sandstrom reportedly tried to dodge taking this case citing a possible conflict of interests, but heavy work load. Sandstrom is not expected to review and respond before November of this year.

Sandstrom stated that in his 20 years in office he has never reviewed a criminal libel case.

Bill Wise reportedly shipped Sandstrom an 8" thick stack of documents for reviewing.

Patsy Ramsey states the interviews were "all about her." Patsy also stated that it's "very insulting" and that she's "tired of it." Patsy claims they [investigators] have interviewed people she went to kindergarten with, her high school English teacher, and even every boyfriend she ever had.

Reportedly the Ramseys had hoped to spend more time talking to Beckner and Tom Trujillo, Tom Wickman and Jane Harmer. But apparently, it was "all Kane and Levin" (per Patsy)

Patsy says she wants the BPD to bring charges or move on.

Patsy also stated that she wants a good night's sleep where she doesn't have to "lay away thinking who could have done this? How did they get into my house? Why didn't I hear her scream? What must she have gone through?"

Patsy says the investigators left them "high and dry" up under the umbrella to walk around in 'no man's land.'

Hunter is quoted as saying he is certain the release of grand jury transcripts can't happen under state law. He reminded people that one of the chief reasons is to protect witnesses who appear before the grand jury.

There is reportedly a statute which seems to allow the release of sealed grand jury transcripts and notes, but not "without prior court approval."

September 2, 2000

It is reported that Lin Wood is "reconsidering" trying to get Grand Jury transcripts released. According to Lin Wood, Beckner, Hunter, and Kane have told him that the release of such transcripts would do harm to the case and any possible prosecution.

Wood said he would think about the decision over the weekend and contact Beckner on Tuesday for further discussion.

September 4, 2000

The Ramseys are voted "Creep of the Week" once again.

September 5, 2000

Sandstrom confirmed for the Whites (Fleet and Priscilla) that the Court "did not give him much choice in taking the case."

September 6, 2000

Reportedly Private Investigator Ollie Gray has turned over a pair of Hi Tec boots "like" the print found beside JonBenet's body, and this man is, according to team Ramsey, a suspect in their opinion.

This man reportedly committed suicide shortly after Hunter gave his threatening "we will find you" speech on national tv. The man also reportedly owned several stun guns.

According to Boulder police, this man was cleared of the killing early in the case based on DNA evidence.

Boulder Police will not release the name of the deceased man because authorities say he is not considered a suspect.

September 7, 2000

Bob Greenlee posts an editorial in the Boulder Camera endorseing Dave Sanderson for DA. One quote from his endorsement letter was: "Dave Sanderson is the only candidate who has both the legal and leadership skills to change the DA's office, which cries out for reform."

September 9, 2000

Beckner reiterates that the man who committed suicide a day after Hunter "talked tough" to the killer, is not a suspect at this time. The dead man's boots are being re-examined against the print from the Ramseys' basement. Bekcner also reiterated that the man's DNA does not match DNA recovered from JonBenet's underwear.

Beckner refrained from using words like "cleared" or "excluded" and explained that until you solve a case you can't really say people are excluded.

What Beckner could say about the dead man with the HI Tec Boots is: "We have not been able to tie him to the case in any way, and he hasn't become a suspect, because of that."

Hunter is quoted as saying that another Grand Jury probe is a possibility but it's remote

Hearings in the case of Craig Lewis who was accused of trying to buy the JonBenét Ramsey ransom note are on hold so the Colorado Supreme Court can consider the legality of the charges against him. The motions hearing was scheduled in Jefferson County District Court Friday [yesterday], but the lawyer for Craig Lewis said all proceedings have been postponed.

Denver lawyer Jeffrey Pagliuca said the Supreme Court agreed earlier this summer to hear arguments that the law under which Lewis was indicted is unconstitutional. He said his client was exercising his First Amendment rights as a journalist and did nothing wrong.

REVIEW: Lewis was indicted in December by a Jefferson County grand jury on charges of extortion and commercial bribery. He is accused of offering a handwriting analyst $30,000 for a copy of the ransom note. Boulder lawyer Thomas Miller pleaded innocent in May to commercial bribery charges. He is accused of trying to broker a deal in 1997 between Lewis and handwriting analyst J. Donald Vacca of Evergreen for a copy of the ransom note. Vacca declined the offer and informed the Ramsey family lawyers.

September 11, 2000

The Whites (Fleet and Priscilla) wrote to the Court attempting to point out the difficulty in securing a fair investigation and fair prosecutor for the criminal case of theirs.

September 17, 2000

DA Candidate, Dave Sanderson, speaks out and claims that criminals do not fear Boulder County [this in reference to the lackluster performance by the current "DA"].

Keenan claims Dave Sanderson is only grandstanding for name recognition.

Cathy Hazouri, Keenan's campaign manager, claims "Mary is not Alex Hunter in a dress. She's smart and a good leader with her own ideas how to improve the office." Hazouri claims Keenan wants to make changes in the DA office and has for some time.

Keenan claims that she has a reputation completely distinct and unique from Alex Hunter or anyone else and further says "I'm not copying anyone."

Larry Mertes, a Boulder lawyer, said Sanderson is a fierce litigator and would quickly alter the DA's office. He further states that Sanderson "always keeps his promises".

Sanderson said one thing he will do is start by reviewing each deputy DA's qualifications before deciding to hire them back citing that people "want change."

Stan Garnett, president of the Boulder Valley School Board, said Keenan's vigor in pursuing child sex crimes helped convince him she's the right choice for DA.

Keenan says she wants to improve relations with local police, aggressively go after repeat offenders, and do more community work with minority groups.

Sanderson claims Keenan is guilty of bungling both in and out of court. The resignation of about a half-dozen nurses from a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program also has been linked to Keenan according to Sanderson.Keenan, in response to this remark, says the resignations in the nurse program came about because doctors and a prosecutor questioned the results of an exam of an alleged rape victim and they needed her (Keenan) to be the person they directed their anger at "because she is running for political office."

September 21, 2000

Information surfaces on an internet forum that the Ramsey house is for sale. The house was put on the market by Jenny Pruitt and Associates Realtors. The listing was as follows:

4 bedrooms 4.5 baths

Superb quality & craftsmanship in this total renovation on almost 2 acres! Custom designed country French kit w/2 islands. Custom baths! Elegant interiors w/finest of finishes! Beautiful!

September 22, 2000

Dave Sanderson is reported to have $11,943.53 campaign contributions on hand compared to Keenan's $11,261.92.

Sanderson has raised a total of $45,760.46 for the year.

September 23, 2000

Keenan is publicly called a liar.

Letter to the Editor

September 28, 2000

Information surfaces that Trip DeMuth will begin work as a commercial litigator with the law firm of Chrisman, Bynum, and Johnson on Monday.

It is reported that the former housekeeper, Pugh, is proposing to write a "tell all" book. Her book reportedly will be titled "Death of an Innocent." Pugh supposedly has facts that have never been told before, and of which will cast further suspicion upon murder suspects, John and Patsy Ramsey.

Pugh claims that Patsy was "one of the most neurotic people she had ever met" and that John deserved his nickname "The Iceman."

In addition, Pugh reportedly claims to know where the rope came from that was used to tie JonBenet.

September 30, 2000

DeMuth's decision to take a job in the firm where Bynum is, has caused many comments concerning impropriety and the like.

Dave Sanderson comments that this move of DeMuth's shows the District Attorney's office is a deeply rooted incestuous establishment. Sanderson then said he does not believe DeMuth would disclose information to the Ramsey team. He said: "I question the appearance of it".An appearance of impropriety could compromise the district attorney's ability to prosecute the [Ramsey] case.

People who have worked with DeMuth say he is an ethical attorney who would not disclose what he knows about the Ramsey investigation. They also discount claims of impropriety between the DA's Office and the Ramseys.

Beckner had no comment about DeMuth's new job except to say: "It does raise some questions."

DeMuth said the reason he took the job has nothing to do with the Ramseys but because this firm is the "best commercial litigation law firm in Boulder County".

Lin Wood said DeMuth's job with Bynum's firm has "absolutely nothing to do with the Ramsey case." He further stated that "Trip DeMuth does not work for the Ramseys, has not provided any assistance or help to the Ramseys." It is not clear as to why Lin Wood would even be remarking about DeMuth's new job.

Keenan said she does not believe DeMuth's decision to take the job has anything to do with the Ramsey case. She also stated that she does not have any knowledge of unethical relationships between the district attorney's office and the Ramseys' attorneys.

Bill Wise said the law is clear that a prosecutor cannot divulge information about a case even after leaving office.

Wise said allegations that the DA's office carried on an unethical relationship with the Ramseys' attorneys is "a myth created by detective Steve Thomas."

Wise also stated: "We have a professional arms length relationship with the Ramseys' attorneys."

NOTE: The reader is advised to read Steve Thomas' book and see which facts Thomas presents showing the relationship that existed between DeMuth/Hoffstrom and the Ramsey attorneys, so as to judge for themselves if Wise is lying in his statements above or if Thomas is lying.

October 10, 2000

The Court ordered that Sandstrom be dismissed as special prosecutor and terminated the investigation into the BPD, with respect to Mr and Mrs White's criminal libel charges.

October 12, 2000

The Ramseys spoke to a group of Univ of Md journalism students at the Newseum in suburban Arlington, Va. to give the students a glimpse of what it's like to be thrust into the middle of a major news story. They made several statements with regard to Gov Owens and the case. [NOTE: The meeting was sponsored by the Freedom Forum at its Newseum in Rosslyn.]

Dan Hopkins, a spokesman for Owens, said: "The governor finds it hard to believe that anyone would even care what the Ramseys would have to say anymore."

The transcript for this Newseum interview can be found here:

Newseum Transcript

October 13, 2000

One Year Ago Today: The Grand Jury terminated its investigation, and Alex Hunter stood before the American Public and we all saw him turn his back on a six year old child named JonBenet Ramsey.

Judge Roxanne Bailin has terminated the investigation in the criminal libel case involving the Daily Camera and other media organizations that covered the JonBenét Ramsey slaying.

In her ruling, Bailin said Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla White asked that the investigation be terminated. However, the Whites said they made no such appeal.

Fleet White is quoted as saying: "We absolutely did not request that the investigation be dropped."

It was reported earlier that the Whites wanted to take their case to the state Attorney General's office for investigation. But Don Quick, deputy attorney general for criminal justice in the state Attorney's General's Office, is quoted as saying that they have no jurisdiction in this case.

The Boulder police have said they may soon release the investigative files in the criminal libel case.

JonBenet Ramsey Forum of Record,"Justice Watch", revamps its forum and moves to a new address.

October 17, 2000

Mary Keenan and Dave Sanderson debate this date before a private audience of some 20 attorneys, but news reports claim the debates left many unanswered questions.

Sanderson claimed last week he has handled 15 felony jury trials since about 1994; in last night's debate he said he couldn't provide a list of those cases because he didn't keep a record and can't remember them.

Keenan released a statistical analysis to attempt to debunk a claim that she has a weak record of prosecuting child sex assault cases; in last night's debate she said she no longer has the disposition sheets to support the totals from which her numbers are based. Her statistical summary showed that between 1991 and 1999 she handled 239 child victim cases which combines sex assault cases and a small portion of physical abuse cases. Of those cases, according to her numbers 49 percent resulted in a prison or jail sentence. Alan Rosenfeld's research into her record shows that of the 126 child sexual assault cases Keenan handled between 1995 and 2000 only 19 defendants received prison time. Rosenfield says her record is clear and that Keenan "continues to lie about it."

The record by Rosenfield stacks up this way for Keenan: Out of 126 cases, [according to Rosenfeld's analysis,] eight were dismissed; nine were taken to trial, with four of those defendants being convicted and sent to prison; and the rest were plea bargains. Of the latter, fifteen perpetrators went to prison; 43 got probation; 47 got a deferred sentence, and four received what Rosenfeld describes as "light, non-prison sentences" such as home detention or a stay in a halfway house.

Rosenfield was quoted as saying: "Mary Keenan gives deferred sentences or probation whenever a man pleads guilty to child sexual assault and has no prior convictions. She gives incredibly soft plea bargains to men who should be locked up for life. She wants people to believe that she has been aggressive in prosecuting child sexual-assault cases, but the facts prove the exact opposite."

October 18, 2000

An interview with Steve Thomas is released by Westword.

October 19, 2000

Keenan reportedly has the support of most of the attorneys in her office several of whom have contributed to her campaign. Bill Wise reportedly gave $800; Pete Hofstrom reportedly gave $400; Craig Truman reportedly gave $250

A few "key names" who have endorsed Keenan are: Tom Koby, Mark Beckner, Bob Grant, and Dr Francesco Beuf, just to name a few.

Keenan insists she intends to change the structure of the DA's office making it less hierarchical and modifying the seniority system. She further claims that no employee would be assured of his current job as each would be assigned roles according to his strengths and merits and the office's needs.

Based on some research that Rosenfield did on Keenan, the following information was released by him with respect to Keenan's track record [only represents two reports he released; the reader is urged to read the others which are available online]:

1. Felipe Luna was arrested for raping his teenage daughter in 1995. He threatened to kill her if she told anyone what had happened. Luna had already had five drinking-and-driving arrests and three arrests for assault, two of them involving domestic violence. He had never complied with court-ordered restrictions. Luna pled guilty in Boulder County in November 1995. The following January, his girlfriend told police he'd threatened to kill anyone responsible for his being in jail. The sentence was imposed in March 1996: six years of intensive supervision. No prison time. Within a month, Luna had violated his probation. He was then sent to prison for six years.

2. In 1996, David Charles Wall had his children invite friends over for a slumber party, then coerced at least one of the children to drink alcohol. He threatened the group with a loaded gun and actually threw the gun at one of the boys. After Wall was arrested for this, one of the minor children told police that Wall had been sexually assaulting him for a period of six years. The boy used the word "torture" to describe these sessions and said he was very afraid of Wall. Wall had been arrested in Boulder County in 1988 for sexual assault on a child and given two years' deferred prosecution. During those two years, he was around young children at his parents' daycare center. The 1996 charges netted him four years in prison.

Sanderson was quoted as saying, with respect to Keenan:"Keenan is a zealot. She's a one-trick pony: sexual assault. And even in that, her effectiveness has been significantly questioned."

Keenan believes Sanderson is running against Hunter's record not hers

October 22, 2000

Both Sanderson and Keenan agree not to participate in "negative" campaigning against the other. Keenan stated she regretted allowing the negative advertisements she allowed during her campaign against Trip DeMuth.

In a debate, both Sanderson and Keenan were asked:

What will you do with the JonBenet Ramsey case?

Keenan's answer was: "I will debrief our role in the case to date with staff to evaluate what we can improve in major case prosecutions. I will review the current case status with law enforcement. My ultimate goal is to achieve justice for this child's death."

Sanderson's answer was: "Review the file, talk with the investigators and make decisions. In any event, we'll give the people a full accounting of why or why not the case can proceed."

The Daily Camera endorses Mary Keenan this date.

October 25, 2000

Bill Nagel endorses Keenan.

Nagel Endorsement

Discussion is held on Court TV about Patsy being ambidextrous.

Court TV Transcript

John Edward Kenady has reportedly been arrested for burglary and theft from the house of the man who was the supposed owner of some Hi-Tec boots that he gave to the Ramsey private investigators. Kenady claims he was "investigating the Ramsey case."

Kenady told sheriff's deputies that BPD Cmdr. Joe Pelle gave him permission to enter the home in the name of investigating the Ramsey case. Pelle stated this was not true.

Police suspect Kenady of taking with him three drafting quality drawings, a $54,000 check and legal papers including a deed of trust. The drawings belonged to the dead man.

Kenady was reportedly friends with the dead man whose boots he turned over to the investigators.

BPD stated that Kenady may be mentally incompetent, but Karin Dostal, Kenady's lawyer, says he is mentally competent. She also alluded to things that "will come out later."

RECAP: Ollie Gray said a family member gave Kenady the boots. Kenady gave Gray the boots through an attorney. Gray turned them over to police in August. The Ramsey Spin Team has tried to implicate this dead man for murder because of the fact he killed himself on the same day that Alex Hunter "talked tough" and because the man owned some Hi Tec boots.

October 26, 2000

While attending 'The American College of Forensic Examiners' annual convention in Las Vegas, Dr Lee, when referring to the Ramsey case investigators, what quoted as saying: "Sometimes, no matter how hard you work, you just don't have luck.

October 27, 2000

Dave Sanderson is endorsed by a former district attorney:

Endorsement of Sanderson

October 31, 2000

Campaign signs for Keenan were reportedly stolen from the front lawn of Keenan's campaign treasurer Caroline Himes. Boulder police spokesman stated there was little that could be done about this except increasing patrols in the area.

Someone writes the Boulder Camera and calls a "cleaning up of the DA's office."

Clean up the DA's Office

Write speaks out for Dave Sanderson's ethics and professionalism:

Dave Sanderson: Man of High Ethics