September 1, 1997

Hunter makes a statement that he will not be attending the meetings in Quantico

September 2, 1997

Patsy Ramsey calls into the Larry King show and complains about Frost being on the show.

September 3, 1997

Police give Hunter a "partial review" of the case and only discuss physical evidence retrieved thus far.

Hunter states there were never any written requests for search warrants of the airport hangar or Ramsey's office, contrary to previous reports stating that the DA refused to allow such a search.

September 4, 1997

Police found a broken paint brush among Patsy's art supplies that match the brush section used to strangle JonBenét, it was confirmed. This paint brush piece was found among the remainder of Patsy's art supplies.

Boulder police issued a statement that they would not investigate who gave a copy of the ransom note to the Vanity Fair reporter

September 5, 1997

John Ramsey submits a letter in response to an article he recently read.

John's Letter

September 8, 1997

Copies of the ransom note are made public by Hunter.

Officials meet in Quantico to discuss the case.

Sheila Lowe states she believes the writer of the ransom note was using alcohol or drugs or has a psychological disorder. She believes the author's personality has a criminal element.

Greg McCrary states the author of the note is well-educated and that attempts to "dumb it down" were intentional.

FBI agent Clint Van Zandt says there is nothing in the note to indicate a foreign person wrote it and the writing reflects a softness which reflects either a female or a genteel male. He also says the writer is educated, at least 40yrs old, and someone who has exerted authority over others. Does not think the writer is a professional criminal nor does he think the note was written to extort money. He thinks the note was written to point authorities in the direction of a kidnapper-extortionist.

Ressler says the note was "obviously written after the child's murder." Furthermore, he states when there's a note at the Ramsey residence, there should not be a body.

September 9, 1997

Investigators headed back to Boulder from Quantico.

The meeting was 8hrs long on Monday, and 4hrs long on Tuesday, in the presence of experts from the FBI's Child Abduction and Serial Killer Unit.

Hunter was briefed after the meetings by special agent William Hagmaier, chief of the FBI's Child Abduction Serial Killer Unit.

September 10, 1997

Mike Bynum spoke with Diane Sawyer about the Ramsey case.

Transcript of show with Bynum

September 25, 1997

District Attorney appellate deputy Bill Nagel filed a motion stating his office no longer opposes releasing most of the contents of warrants and affidavits relating to searches at the Ramsey Boulder home. He made a reference to "Item A" which, according to Laurion, is the mystery Boulder county warrant.

Haddon reportedly will request the court to allow him to preview any search warrant information that is released and if harmful to the Ramseys he will "demand access to anything that was seized" from the couple's property.

September 29, 1997

65 pages of search warrant information is released to the public

October 4, 1997

Tom Johnston, owner of Buffalo Lock and Key Inc, states there was no forcible entry into the Ramsey home. This coming after Mr Johnston changed the locks in the home

October 5, 1997

Word that Boulder County Judge Diane MacDonald's order unsealing the Ramsey property search records, has a statement where she wrote, "The court finds that certain parties who have never been mentioned in the media and who are not considered suspects by the prosecution at this time are mentioned in Item A.

"... The court finds that the privacy interests of those parties do outweigh the public interest of access and Item A is to remain sealed until there is an arrest made in this case.'' [NOTE: Item A, in above references, are to the mystery search warrant for the yet to be disclosed property in Boulder County that was searched]

October 8, 1997

It is reported that Hunter is set to ask the county commissioners for an additional $148,885 in salaries and building rent to continue the investigation into next year. This money would carry the investigation through April

Koby states an arrest "could be months away"

October 10, 1997

Koby concedes that the murder investigation got off to a bad start, making missteps at the beginning

Mark Beckner is tapped to replace John Eller as lead detective

Detectives Kim Stewart and Cary Weinheimer and patrol officer Michael Everett are added to the team

Koby announces that his detectives will move out of the "war room"

Koby announced that moving Eller was to remove some of the intensity of past relationships