[Transcript transcribed by myself using my own personal VCR recording of the show]

Date of Show = May 1, 2001

KC=Katie Couric
LS= Lou Smit
JR= John Ramsey
PR=Patsy Ramsey
MD= Michael Doberson

KC: in day 2 of our week long in-depth look at the JBR investigation, Veteran homicide Det LS who worked the case for a year and a half, tells us why he believes a stun gun was used in the little girl's murder and how that supports his theory that an intruder not the parents committed this horrific crime. My exclusive interview with Smit also includes some pictures that the public has never seen including autopsy photos which some of you may find quite disturbing.

JonBenét Ramsey spent her final Christmas like most children her age happily unwrapping presents. This is one of the last photographs taken of her on the last morning of her life. According to the coroner, sometime between midnight and 2am on Dec 26th, the 6yo was violently murdered.

LS: you just can't say that there is no evidence of an intruder.

KC: If LS's theory of an intruder is true, who was this individual and how did he get away with murder as JonBenéts parents slept nearby.

LS: this is a brutal brutal murder. The type of killing and the brutality of the killing show me that this man is a sadistic pedophile and that he did take JonBenét from her bed by stun gunning her. I believe he brought her down to the deepest part of the basement and did very brutal things to her.

KC: These never before seen autopsy photos of JB show two distinct marks on her face and back.

LS: Stun gun marks are very specific, very specific. Once you know what they look like it's not hard to distinguish what they are.

KC: speculation about a stun gun has been swirling around every since JonBenét was murdered. The BPD has neither confirmed nor denied its use during this crime. But the dept did ask Dr Michael Doberson, a forensic pathologist and coroner, to study the marks on JonBenét.

MD: Unless some other evidence is presented to me, the most likely explanation for those injuries is that they were caused by a stun gun.

LS: you have to explain the fresh marks on JonBenét, especially on her face. They weren't seen in any of the Christmas photos, or any of the photographs taken that day of JonBenét. The marks on the back are very fresh. These marks are reddish in color just like the marks on the face and red means before a person is dead. Not only do the marks on the back look like each other but they're a certain distance apart, approx. 3.5cm apart. The marks on the face are approx. 3.5cm apart. What are the odds of having two sets of marks on a person just by randomly laying on an object, and say is a button or a snap, these are two sets of marks the same distance apart.

KC: the reason the stun gun theory is important is it doesn't fit into the scenario of the widely held theory that PR killed JonBenét with a blow to her head.

MD: What you're really are looking at when you see a stun gun injury are injuries that happened to someone who is alive. If the stun gun was applied to someone who is dead it would leave absolutely no mark at all.

LS: this is a very important clue left behind by the killer, Katie. You just can't throw a clue like that away. If the Ramseys had a stun gun it would be one of the best pieces of evidence in the case. There is no record of a stun gun anywhere in the background of the Ramseys.

KC: Det Smit did extensive research on stun guns until he found one he said would match the marks on JonBenét, an air taser gun, to prove his theory he conducted tests with the air taser on a pig.

KC: Some people aren't very familiar with stun guns, certainly don't know the noise they make. And so I'd like for you to show us if you could.

LS: OK. First of all the stun gun does make a lot of noise. And I thought why wouldn't you hear this in the house for instance. And until we got to the actual experiments with the pigs, the pig was anesthetized so it didn't feel any thing, we didn't' realize that a stun gun, when it's applied right directly to the skin, that the noise is very muted. This is what it sounds like (HE PRESSES THE STUN GUN). There is an arc between the two contacts. If you look very closely at the photographs of the injuries of JB, there is a similar blue line that appears between the two contact marks on JonBenét. This is what it sounds like when it's against a pillow (HE PRESSES STUN GUN INTO A PILLOW). It's very muted when it's against the skin. That's what it sounds like. And even more so when it was on the pig.

KC: So why were people so hesitant about accepting this stun gun theory.

LS: I suppose it's because it didn't' fit into the promoting the Ramseys-did-it part of the equation. Because it does not fit into the staging scenario. The common belief is that PR perhaps in a fit of rage somehow killed her daughter or seriously injured her daughter...

KC: with a blow to the head...

LS: with a blow to the head. And that instead of taking her to the doctor, and she made a decision, perhaps even along with JR, to stage this massive cover-up of their actions.

KC: a neighbor across the street reported hearing a fairly shocking child's cry between midnight and 2AM.

LS: yes that's correct

KC: many have said, if that's the case, then why didn't J and PR hear it as well?

LS: where JonBenét had been taken in the boiler room, where the assault probably occurred, within 10feet is a vent pipe that leads directly outside of the house. This has an open end in the basement and also an open end to the outside. It acts almost like a megaphone, and is aimed right in the general direction as the Stanton residence, being Melanie Stanton who heard the child scream. Myself, and other investigators, have conducted experiments, whereby we had stood in the basement and whistled and yelled and you can hear it clearly at the Stanton residence, and can barely hear it upstairs. There is 3 floors of carpeting and furniture and closed doors between the basement and the upstairs.

KC: this is where J and PR bed was. And you believe they wouldn't hear the scream that the neighbor across the street heard.

LS: that's correct. and if you'll also notice, even the windows on the side, they're very thick double strengthened windows. and there's no window on that particular side of the house where the scream would exit out that vent. In the photographs taken of this room, there's no evidence of disturbance here either. None of the things are knocked off the shelves. There don't seem like there was any violence in here. And even the Ramsey bed itself was unmade, indicating that the Ramseys may have been sleeping in it that night.

KC: some people have called you a delusional old man.

LS: I'd like to look at it as being a seasoned investigator (LAUGHS). I know that was said early on in the investigation. If that's the case I must have changed over night.

KC: that must be hurtful.

LS: I can handle it. Been there, did that.

KC: think you're going to get a lot of heat for this?

LS: probably. I'll take a lot of criticism for discussing an ongoing case, for putting out evidence in an ongoing case. I know that. My goal is to find the killer.

KC: tomorrow we'll have more on the brutality of the attack on tiny JB and more evidence the public has never seen before as Det Smit explains how he believes the young girl was murdered by strangulation. And we should note that both the BPD's and the DA's office, have once again declined our request for interviews.