[Date of this interview = Feb 20, 2001; source = Justice Watch Forum]

Ramsey: I'd gone out to Home Depot and returned and found somebody in our house and he attacked me and we fought for awhile and he eventually locked me in a room and left.

Woodward: How'd you get out?

Ramsey: It wasn't that secure, but at that point, I decided the best thing I could do was let him get out of here, so I didn't try to resist any more.

Woodward: Was anything taken that you know of yet?

Ramsey: Yeah. A computer, Patsy's K-Mart jewelry, some clothes, things like that. There was money. He took my wallet when I came in.

Woodward: You've gone through a horrible time with your daughter's death. What does this break-in, even though you and the police think is unrelated, do for your self-confidence?

Ramsey: Well, I almost got him. (Laughter) He had about 25 years on me I think. It's a horrible invasion of your privacy and your feeling of safety. We certainly went through that with JonBenet. It certainly has resurfaced. Our house here is we think ultra-secure. Again he was able to bash down a door and just come in. So it's very difficult to be safe when you have a person with a strong intent to violate your safety. And that's disturbing because we certainly were very focused in this house on security and safety and locks. Very few doors and heavy doors and heavy locks and yet he was able to just break them down.

Woodward: This was one of the reasons you renovated this house was to make this home more secure. Is that correct?

Ramsey: That's correct.

Woodward: And it didn't work?

Ramsey: It didn't work.

Woodward: How'd he get in?

Ramsey: Broke down a door in the basement. We were forced to put a door in the basement because it was a code requirement. We did not want a door in the basement, but we had to put one down there. And that was where he came in.

Woodward: And you encountered him. You walked in which door? Your side door? The garage door?

Ramsey: I came in the garage door, unlocked it, and found him on the first floor.

Woodward: Where did you see him? What did you say?

Ramsey: I said, "Who are you." And he said, "I'm a workman." And I said, "What are you doing here. And what are those bags in your hands." That's when things kind of went downhill.

Woodward: Do you know whether or not he was unarmed?

Ramsey: Don't know. Didn't see anything.

Woodward: How are you?

Ramsey: Oh I'm fine. Scuffed up a little bit, but fine.

Woodward: How's your wife?

Ramsey: Well, she's upset, but she, Patsy's a strong person. And uh we've gotten wonderful support here from the Atlanta police. They've been incredible. They're all over the place.

Woodward: Are there any changes you can make as a result of this?

Ramsey: I don't know what. I really don't. Steel doors - I guess that's the next step up. I really don't know.

Woodward: Anything you would like to say that I have not asked.

Ramsey: No. No. It just reiterates what we said about JonBenet when that happened. To people, that you need to be aware that there's evil in the world. While it's not likely that your paths will cross with someone like this, it does happen. To us, it's happened twice. You have to be aware that the world has alot of evil people. And alot of good people. That there is evil out there and it's not just in the big city, it's in your own neighborhood