November 26, 2001

Mark Beckner is deposed in the Wolf v. Ramsey case.

November 27, 2001

Alex Hunter is deposed at the offices of the Boulder County Attorney in the Wolf v. Ramsey case.

December ?, 2001

Steve Thomas releases another letter asking for support.

Steve Thomas Letter

December 6, 2001

It is reported that the basement room where JonBenet's body was discovered has been sealed off by a brick wall covered with plaster. (NOTE: It should not be miscontrued that the room was sealed on this date, Dec 6, 2001, only that the information was reported in an article on this date as a 'sidebar' type statement.)

December 11, 2001

Patsy Ramsey gives deposition in the Wolf v. Ramsey libel lawsuit.

A comparison of the handwriting of Patsy Ramsey to the ransom note was entered as evidence, and pictures of those slides can be viewed here:

Letters Compared

December 12, 2001

John Ramsey gives deposition in the Wolf v. Ramsey libel lawsuit.

December 17, 2001

High Peaks Elementary School has another tree that they have planted in memory of JonBenet. The first tree died due to insect infestation.

An interview with Linda Hoffman Pugh surfaces. LHP claims that she is out of the housekeeping busines. She now works delivering bundles of "The Greeley Tribune" to carriers. A report surfaced that 3 of the Grand Jurors "tested the waters" to see if they could get the information they know about the Ramsey case out to the public. Reportedly they were rebuffed by unwilling listeners who feared prosecution.

Boulder police release new cost figures relating to this case. The breakout is as follows:

Year --- Total
1996 --- $21,377.73
1997 --- $531,475,01
1998 --- $630,956.93
1999 --- $238,187.98
2000 --- $146,073.31
2001 --- $41,315.33

The 2001 expenditure figure breaks out as follows:$39,518.11 for officers' salaries, $1,247.22 in overtime and $550 for investigative expenses.

Other numbers: more than 60 experts and consultants, logging 1,400 itemsas evidence, compiling 43,000 file pages, and receipt of 4,800 letters

The case has taken detectives to 18 different states. Currently, as many as four detectives work the case.

Santa McReynolds is now living in New England. McReynolds said the reason he left Colorado wasn't because of JonBenet's death but because of his health. McReynolds had hear surgery in August 1996 to have an aortic valve replaced. He said doctors also had to remove a portion of his lung they had mistakenly punctured. He thus moved citing that it was "really impractical to stay high in the mountains of Colorado".

Boulder Police release a new press release aboutthe case costs.

Case Costs: Press Release #84

December 18, 2001

An interview with Kane is reported. He stated that he felt the Ramseys were never genuine and that their answers were scripted. He also felt one of the biggest problems with the case was the fact the Grand Jury was not impaneled promptly to gather records. Kane says there are dozens of secrets about the case that are not known to the public and that many of the things we think are factual are not.

An interview with Elllis Armistead is released.

Armistead claims Lin Wood was putting out false information when he claimed that there were "startling new revelations" in the case. Armistead felt it was misleading.

Armistead said it took 2yrs after the crime before he saw the crime scene photos.

Armistead said his assignment was not to solve the crime, but to keep the Ramseys from being arrested. Armistead stated that while he realized parents do kill their children that it "didn't really matter to him whether they did or didn't do it" as his mandate was "protect the Ramseys".

Armistead thinks the killer is someone who is familiar with the house and is not a stranger. He believes the case will be solved one day and that the chances are high because of the fact the case has such national magnitude and public scrutiny.

December 19, 2001

Lin Wood wrote a letter to the editor of one of the Boulder papers with a complaint about how he was portrayed in an article with respect to Armistead. A copy of that can be found here:

Lin Wood's Letter

It was reported that Arndt is now working as a retail clerk. She refused to be interviewed for any of the 'anniversary' articles.

December 20, 2001

An interview with Chris Wolf surfaces. Wolf claims his lawsuit against the Ramseys is based on the evidence which indicates they are the perpetuators of the crime.Wolf says the libelous remarks about him have made him unemployable.

Catherine Crier interviews Darnay Hoffman.

December 21, 2001

Donald Foster claims he has been stalked by a woman from North Carolina who writes letters and calls his colleagues about his failure to help his family. In his analysis of Patsy Ramsey's word usage, sentence structure, and formatting, Foster concluded that Patsy Ramsey wrote the ransom note. In response to his writing of a letter to Patsy early in the case declaring her innocence, Foster explained that he acted "from the heart" instead of from the evidence. Foster said later he saw the actual ransom note and writings that belonged to Patsy which helped him draw his conclusions.

Hoffman predicts that by the 6th anniversary of JonBenet's death that we will all have a definitive answer about who killed her as a result of the civil lawsuits.

Milton Thomas Black sends a threatening letter to Nevada Sen. Harry Reid whereby a portion of that letter allegedly contained a complaint from him that "no one would pay attention to information he had developed in the JonBenet Ramsey homicide investigation." A copy of this letter was sent to Gov. Owens.

December 26, 2001

The Today Show discussed the Ramsey case.